Cannabis and sex. Can cannabis increase sexual pleasure?

Cannabis and sex. Can cannabis increase sexual pleasure?

Most cannabis users would say that weed increases appreciation and enjoyment of various experiences such as sexual experiences. The senses are heightened and elevated. Gratification and pleasure seem amplified. The pizza you are eating could be the best you ever had. Music comes alive in a new way. TV seems funnier, scarier, more interesting and more compelling. And, for many people, sex becomes more desirable and enjoyable following cannabis use.


Cannabis as an aphrodisiac. Stanford University sex and cannabis research.

Anecdotal evidence has suggested that cannabis has been regarded as a natural aphrodisiac for centuries. After cannabis use, many people claim that their desire for sex is enhanced. And scientific evidence also supports that. A study from 2002-2015 by researchers at Stanford University looked into the sexual habits of 50,000 cannabis and non-cannabis users aged from 25-45.

The survey included the paper from a wide range of background, religious beliefs and races. The survey included equal numbers of men and women, it included people that were married and unmarried, with children and without. All socio-economic groups were included, and survey participants had varying educational levels.

In all cases, the participants that used cannabis had more sex. It’s a remarkable finding, but one which probably doesn’t surprise regular cannabis users. The Stanford University research was published here in the Journal of Sexual medicine and discussed in deeper detail here, in Medical News: Life Science.

Cannabis use and increased sexual sensitivity

Although it is difficult to quantify scientifically, many cannabis users comment that their sexual sensitivity increases after cannabis use. In other words, arousal is easier after cannabis consumption and pleasure is higher than normal.


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What's the best cannabis variety for sex?


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Choosing the best cannabis variety is not as simple as it sounds, it would depend on your taste and sexual wishes. However, sometimes we do receive some straight forward feedback from our community.


Cannabis and sex. Indica or Sativa?

Some cannabis users feel that indica varieties offer the best body stone and physical effects, which can, in turn, lead to the best sexual pleasure. There is some logic to do this. Indica varieties are well known by medical cannabis users for the powerful physical effects, many indica fans love the physical ‘buzz’ and relaxation from an indica. And with these physical impacts, it’s easy to understand why many people feel an indica variety is the best for sex.


Sativa varieties and sex. Cannabis pleasure combined with the psychoactive high.

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Many say that the most important sexual organ is the brain. It’s where are feelings and urges are centred and focussed. The brain is where pleasure and gratification combine to make us feel good. And for that reason, some cannabis users feel that a sativa variety with a strong psychoactive high with a powerful cerebral effect is best for sex. It's worth adding that all humans have an endocannabinoid system and that this varies from person to person. We all respond a little bit differently to cannabis, and different people have different preferences. For many, a sativa followed by sex is a winning combination!


CBD rich cannabis and sex

CBD rich cannabis seed varieties often deliver a slightly less powerful cerebral effect than a THC rich variety. This is often accompanied with a slightly more pronounced physical effect and ‘body stone’. For some people, CBD rich varieties are the best strains of all for sexual pleasure. The slightly clearer mind is preferred by some, who can focus their mental thoughts on enjoying the moment.

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THC lubricants for increased sexual pleasure. Especially for women!

One of the more surprising and successful products from the USA medical market has been the emergence of sex lubricants and sprays with added THC. The THC is dissolved in e.g. coconut oil to make it easier to absorb. Many of these products are aimed at females, allowing women more pleasure and lubrication. This hands-on review from a female author confirms that THC lubrications increase the passion!

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Cannabis and sex. Great fun, but pizza or sleep afterwards?

As well as increasing sexual pleasure, cannabis is noted as a great appetite enhancer and sleep improver. So after your cannabis and sex session, the only question for many stoned and satisfied lovers is whether to raid the fridge or have a good sleep. The choice is yours! Some may even celebrate with another smoke/vape. One of the challenges when combining sex and cannabis is finding the right dose. Too little, and you may not feel the intoxicating pleasure that comes from combining sex and marijuana. Too much, and you may feel too tired and detached.

Cannabis and Pizza

Cannabis and sex. Can cannabis increase sexual pleasure?
November 29th 2018
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