Thinking of visiting a cannabis trade show in 2018?

Thinking of visiting a cannabis trade show in 2018?

Each year Dutch Passion attends lots of cannabis events around Europe and the rest of the world. For some of the team it’s a full time job planning, organising and travelling to these events. But it’s one of the best ways for Dutch Passion to meet lots of customers and get direct feedback on our autoflower seeds and feminized seeds. It’s also a great way for home growers to see lots of different suppliers under one roof, usually you will find nutrient companies, seed suppliers and all manner of grow-room equipment/accessory suppliers.

Here are some of the main events in late 2018, we will be at most of them selling seeds. We would love to see you if you can come to any of them!

NorthGrow Copenhagen / 7 - 9th September


One of Scandinavia’s premier cannabis events, this Danish Expo is very popular with Northern European home growers. All the main suppliers attend this event and there is also a full line up of influential and interesting speakers, covering all aspects of cannabis, from activism to medical use. Dutch Passion just returned from NorthGrow and found it to be a well organised show, you can read our blog report here

Dutch Passion stand at North Grow 2018

Expogrow, Irun Basque / 14-16th September

Dutch Passion people at Expogrow
Expogrow Irun is set in the Basque country, on the border of Spain and France. It is a particularly convenient expo for French home growers, they can visit the show, buy their seeds and be back across the French border in 20 minutes. Again, you can find a good selection of suppliers at Expogrow Irun, the show itself is a small/medium sized regional event. For indoor and outdoor cannabis growers in Northern Spain/Southern France this is a conveniently located show with some top suppliers.




Thessaloniki, Greece / 28 - 30th September

The ‘Salonica’ expo in Thessaloniki is a great new show for Greek home growers based in the north of Greece. Greece has a great climate for outdoor growing, and many people grow their entire annual cannabis requirements from a few feminized seeds or autoflower seeds planted outdoors. Greek growers can get 3 successive outdoor cannabis crops each year from autoflower seeds. Of course, there are plenty of indoor cannabis growers in Greece too. And all their equipment, nutrient and seed supplies can be bought at the Thessaloniki show.

Cultiva, Vienna Austria / 12 - 14th October

Cultiva is an established cannabis expo, and is very popular with growers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and surrounding countries. The show is a medium/large regional show with most of the top suppliers present. Facilities are great, this is one of those very well organised shows located in a pleasantly up-market setting. If you ever imagined what a business-class cannabis expo looks like, this is it!

Cultiva expo

Cannafest, Prague Czech / 2 - 4th November

Cannafest is a large cannabis expo which has been running, and expanding, for several years. After Spannabis (Barcelona, March), Cannafest is possibly Europe’s biggest cannabis show. This year it is being held at the PVA Expo centre in Prague, it’s a more professional and better quality location. This show attracts all the key suppliers, and visitors come from all over Europe to attend. If you can’t get to Spannabis in March, this is the next biggest show to attend.





Expomedeweed, Medellin Colombia / 23 - 25th November

For Colombians and South American cannabis growers, Expomedeweed is one of the top South American cannabis shows. South America is seeing remarkably rapid progress regarding progressive cannabis laws. The suppliers are keen to show their products to a rapidly growing market. Many of the big-name suppliers are present in Medellin, along with an impressive list of speakers and a strong medical focus throughout.

Expoweed, Santiago Chile / 30th Nov - 1st Dec

Chile has seen remarkable progress for cannabis in recent years. The Expoweed event in Santiago, Chile is always popular with South American cannabis growers. Dutch Passion has enjoyed a strong historical association with Chilean cannabis growers, our seeds are available from over a dozen different outlets in Chile.

ExpoWeed Chile

ExpoWeed Chile



CBD Expo West, September 21st - 22nd Anaheim, California

Dutch Passion are not attending the CBD Expo West event this year. But it will be a large gathering of cannabis companies with a particular focus on CBD related products, extraction, production etc. The USA canna business is really becoming huge business nowadays, and interest in CBD has never been higher.

Cannabizz, Warsaw Poland 30th November 2018 - December 2nd

Poland’s main Hemp Expo is Cannabizz. Dutch Passion are not present this year, but many companies in the Hemp industry are present. Eastern and Northern European visitors can expect to find hemp/cannabis seeds, equipment suppliers, hemp product displays (food, cosmetics, clothing etc)

Canapa, Mostra. Naples, Italy. Oct 26th - 28th 2018

Canapa is another cannabis show with a strong presence for Hemp industries and Hemp products. Dutch Passion are not at this event, but some suppliers from the cannabis world are present. A popular show for Southern Europeans and particularly for those interested or involved in the Hemp industry.

The number of cannabis and hemp events increases every year. It’s difficult even for the larger companies to attend them all. If you haven't been to a cannabis expo before it is a fun and exciting way to meet the main suppliers. For some customers it’s a chance to evaluate new equipment and genetics, and to speak to potential suppliers before any money is invested. If you haven’t had chance to visit a cannabis expo yet, then have a think about doing so in 2018 or 2019. Most people enjoy the chance to speak to suppliers and look at the latest technologies and developments.

Thinking of visiting a cannabis trade show in 2018?
September 21st 2018
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