Cannabis Events To Add To Your Calendar in 2020

Cannabis Events To Add To Your Calendar in 2020

The calendar has simply never had as many cannabis conventions, cannabis expo’s and cannabis conferences to choose from. A few years ago there were just a handful of cannabis events each year, now there is at least one every week. It has simply become impossible to attend all the cannabis trade shows, even for large established legal cannabis companies. But to try to make your options easier, here is a list of the main weed events in the 2020 calendar.

Upcoming Cannabis Events You Don’t Want To Miss

No matter where you live there should be some interesting upcoming cannabis events and marijuana shows near you. As well as cannabis themed trade shows, there are now plenty dedicated to hemp cultivation and CBD production/extraction.

As the market for cannabis is becoming increasingly sophisticated the number of cannabis conventions increases. You can even find niche cannabis trade shows which focus on narrow and highly specific angles, such as cannabis packaging or cannabis analytical testing equipment.

One noticeable trend in cannabis events is that a huge number of events have emerged which are dedicated to cannabis industry professionals. Perhaps this shouldn't be a surprise, cannabis is now a multi $billion industry and is one of the fastest emerging new industries.

We can’t include every cannabis event in 2020, but the list below shows you some of the more interesting weed events in 2020.


January 2020 cannabis events

Athens Cannabis Expo, Athens Greece Jan 10th - Jan 12th

Cannatech, Davos Switzerland Jan 20th-Jan 24th

Cannatech takes a view of cannabis and the future impact from an economist angle. Financial analysis and networking of cannabis markets for healthcare, investments, international trading etc are all explored.

Cannatech in Davos, Switzerland

Future cannabis strategies Europe 2020. London, UK Jan 29th-30th

Networking and analysis of the future cannabis business opportunities is discussed in depth at this cannabis conference. It is aimed at business leaders of companies involved in consumer-facing cannabis products category. This includes representatives from the following industries; CBD/ Cannabis Products & Devices, Beverages, Tobacco, Cosmetics & Nutraceuticals.

-	Future Cannabis Strategies Europe 2020 and the London skyline

February 2020 cannabis events

Cannabis Packaging Summit, Anaheim California Feb 11th-12th

This may seem like a bland topic to most of us, but secure packaging for cannabis products is a massive industry already and is getting even busier. Everything from buds to concentrates, edibles to vape cartridges are seeing a massive increase in demand. Cannabis industry professionals often see this as a must-attend weed event.

Cannabis Packaging Summit at the Anaheim Convention Center

Cannabis Europa, Madrid Spain. February 5th

With a strong Spanish focus, this cannabis conference focuses on the business, political and regulatory challenges for the cannabis market to prosper. Spain is already one of Europe’s most progressive cannabis centres. By bringing together researchers, medical experts, business leaders and politicians Cannabis Europa hope to bring further business opportunities to the Spanish cannabis market.

Cannabis Europa in Madrid, Spain

Canapa Mundi, Rome Italy, Feb 21st - Feb 23rd

Hemp & CBD Expo, Birmingham NEC, Feb 28th - March 1st

The UK remains a strong market for cannabis seeds, cannabis industries and all things to do with CBD. This event takes place at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC). The event is open to the public and will feature guest speakers, lots of exhibitors and plenty of hemp and CBD products on display and for sale.

Enjoy the Hemp & CBD Expo in Birmingham NEC

March 2020 weed events

Spannabis Barcelona, Spain 13th-15th March 2020

Now in its 17th year, Spannabis remains Europe’s biggest and arguably its best cannabis expo. It’s open to the public and is usually very busy. Lots of passionate home growers attend Spannabis. It’s the perfect venue for the home grower to visit and compare all the major suppliers under one roof.

If you have never been to a cannabis expo before, then mark Spannabis in your cannabis calendar. Barcelona airport has plenty of budget flights, there are ample affordable hotels and the cannabis social clubs have superb quality products. Spannabis itself is great fun and a real eye opener for any cannabis lover.

All the major companies in the cannabis world attend Spannabis. You can buy all your feminised cannabis seeds and autoflower seeds, as well as lights, nutrients and anything else you need. Cannabis Cups will be awarded to the best new products and you can relax in the evening in a cannabis social club. What more could you want from a cannabis convention?