Cannabis day: 420

Cannabis day: 420

It’s one of the special days in the cannabis calendar. Many people use Facebook or other social media to organise smoke-outs at local parks. Others are more professional and organise events with a music stage, guest speakers and sponsorship from local businesses. 420 day is often a day of celebration, enjoyment and mass protest for legalization.

April 20. 420 day

April 20th, (4/20) has grown into an international day of counterculture. As well as enjoying cannabis at 420 events, some 420 events have a more serious message. Often this involves calls for legalization of cannabis. Local Cannabis Social Clubs will often publicise the events and encourage plenty of members to attend. Occasionally politicians with liberal cannabis views will attend and speak at the events. At 4:20pm on 420 day many of those at the events light a joint in a gesture of mutual civil disobedience to the prohibition of cannabis.

Will 420 day continue after legalization?

420 day has become entrenched in cannabis culture. It’s celebrated by young and old. In some cases it is celebrated even by those that don’t use cannabis, but want to stand for the rights of  those that do. Many cannabis businesses have special offers around 420 day. Parties and events are organised. 420 day is becoming more sophisticated than ever. In legal areas 420 remains just as popular. So 420 day seems to be a permanent part of the cannabis calendar. Legality just seems to add fun to the occasion.

How did cannabis become associated with 4/20?

Many believe that 420 day became associated with cannabis thanks to 5 high school students from San Rafael, California in 1971. The 5 students were Steve Capper, Dave Reddix, Jeffrey Noel, Larry Schwartz, and Mark Gravich. They called themselves the ‘Waldos’ because they would like to hang out at a wall near their school. The students would meet after High School each day, usually around 4:20pm near the Louis Pasteur statue at San Rafael High School. There were rumours of an abandoned cannabis crop in a nearby field which the Waldos would sometimes look for, though it was never found. The students would use the code word 420 to signify a chance to meet up and have a quick smoke. Today, 420 represents a good time of the day to have a smoke. But the number 420 has also become intrinsically associated with cannabis.


The 420 story was publicised by Steven Hager of High Times. It’s worth watching this video interview from Steve Hager where he explains more.



Louis Pasteur Statue
Louis Pasteur Statue

420 and outdoor cannabis growers.

Some northern hemisphere cannabis growers like to plant their outdoor cannabis seeds on 420, April 20th. However, this only works for those growers at a latitude which has the right climate. Growers at more extreme latitudes would plant later than April 20th to wait until the last frost has passed. And growers in sunny, warm climates will be able to start their seeds a little earlier. Some indoor growers also like to germinate their feminized cannabis seeds or autoflower seeds on 420 day.


420. The counter culture celebration.

Many cannabis activists use 420 day as a chance to highlight the injustice facing recreational and medical cannabis users. Seattle Hempfest is one of many 420 events around the world. Many regard it as the world’s biggest 420 event with over 100,000 people attending. One of the founders, Vivian McPeak has claimed that 420 day is now "half celebration and half call to action”. Many of he speakers at Hempfest use the opportunity to make political messages challenging prohibition laws.

420 Culture. Stoner Movies.

A stoner film is one that has cannabis as a central theme. Usually these movies have a comedy element and are particularly entertaining for cannabis lovers. These days there are a huge selection of stoner movies to choose from. The ‘Best 54’ stoner comedies are all listed here, and rated, by the professional move movie reviewers IMDb. Some of the more famous ones include Pineapple Express, The Big Lebowski and Half Baked. High Times magazine has also started the ‘Stony Awards’, which are given to artists making a notable contribution to cannabis culture.



420 Music.

Cannabis has always had close connections to the music industry. Many musicians feel that cannabis use allows greater musical creativity. And many music lovers find that cannabis amplifies the pleasure and enjoyment from listening to music. Dutch Passion HiFi 4G feminized seeds is one variety noted specifically for music enjoyment. Many songs have been written to celebrate love and appreciation for cannabis. There are too many songs to mention them all. The best ones are a matter of personal taste. Rolling Stone magazine lists the best 20 cannabis themed songs here.

420 Influencers and celebrities.

These days there are more celebrity 420 influencers than ever before. The last decade or two has seen the numbers of celebrity cannabis users increase dramatically. As well as musicians, there are numerous actors, TV presenters, writers and social media stars that are all open about their cannabis use. Again, it’s impossible to list them all, but Acclaim Magazine has attempted to list the top 420 influencers here.

710 day. Dabbers oil day.

Another date which some cannabis fans celebrate is 710 day. When you reverse the numbers ‘710’  and put them upside down it spells ‘oil’. Some dabbing fans have designated 710 day (10th July) as a special day for cannabis oil and dab fans.

420 day. Becoming too commercial?

For some cannabis lovers, 420 day has simply become a little bit too commercialized. Many companies involved in the cannabis industry have special offers and sales on 420 day. And Numerous events are held all around the world to celebrate 420. In countries with legal cannabis sales such as USA and Canada, many dispensaries offer some great 420 special offers. It is true that 420 day has become commercialized. And it is unlikely to change. But however you celebrate 420 day, for cannabis lovers there is no day quite as special.

Cannabis day: 420
April 19th 2019
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