Cannabis and Halloween. Cannabis fun and treats for a special Halloween.

Cannabis and Halloween. Cannabis fun and treats for a special Halloween.

Halloween is perhaps the spookiest night of the year. It has been celebrated for thousands of years with origins in northern Europe’s Celtic community. Celebrated at the end of October, cannabis lovers in the northern hemisphere have usually got their outdoor cannabis safely harvested. It’s a great opportunity for cannabis lovers and growers of all types to celebrate Halloween with some cannabis themed recipes and activities!

Origins of Halloween

Halloween is celebrated in many countries on 31st October, which is the eve of the feast of All Hallows Day (also known as All Saints Day). Many believe that the modern celebration is based on older Celtic traditions in northern Europe, in the UK, Ireland and Northern France region. The Gaelic festival of Samhain is thought to be a possible origin of Halloween. Samhain was probably a celebration of a successful food harvest before the arrival of the harsh northern European winter. Today, Halloween has somehow become a celebration of all things spooky, and plenty of cannabis lovers enjoy making a party night of it!

Cannabis lovers and Halloween

A Halloween party is a great match for cannabis lovers. You can dress however you like, make all kinds of great edibles and snacks which you might not be able to get away with at other times of the year and enjoy the mad atmosphere with plenty of cannabis. Halloween is a night where you can push your imagination to the limit and aim for maximum fun and minimum restraint. Cannabis is a great complement to a fun night and when used well, cannabis can help turn your Halloween party into something really special.

Halloween and cannabis edibles!

Any cannabis themed Halloween party will benefit from some responsibly served cannabis edibles. But be careful, hungry stoners can often devour all snacks and treats forgetting which ones were infused with cannabis. If you want to avoid a party where everyone is horizontal through the effects of over-medication, then think about dosing your edible cannabis treats appropriately and ensuring everyone knows which treats are cannabis edibles and what strength they are.

At many Halloween parties, the cannabis lovers will be vaping and smoking away through the night. Cannabis edibles are a great way to spice things up when done responsibly. You can make anything from space cake to Halloween themed biscuits and snacks. Just make yourself some canna butter to use in the ingredients and you are good to go! There are lots of great Halloween cannabis edible recipes online.

Here are a few of our favourites.

Creepy Finger cookies recipe. Ideal for making with Auto Colorado Cookies®!

Death By Chocolate cupcakes recipe. Who doesn't love chocolate, with cannabis it’s even better! Freddy’s Best® and its chocolate tones coming from the Chocolope genetics are the perfect complementary ingredient for these cupcakes.

Spider web dip recipe. This has a great appearance and anyone coming to your party will love the design. Take any strain from the Orange Family, like Orange Bud® or Orange Hill Special® for example to make this recipe even more zesty and fresh, the citric terpenes will take this dish to another level.


Make Halloween pumpkin bongs

Lots of people make pumpkin lanterns for Halloween. Why not try making a small bong from a pumpkin too. It’s super easy. You need a pumpkin with 3 holes. One for the bowl in which you will burn your cannabis. Another hole for your mouth to suck from, and a small ‘breather’ hole in the side. If you are going to be burning down a few bowls on Halloween, then why not make a pumpkin bong and get into the Halloween spirit! Skilled pumpkin carvers will even be able to carve out a few cannabis leaf shapes on the outside!

Get high and find a haunted house

OK, you won't want to do this on your own. But if you are having a party it could be worth thinking if there are any alleged haunted houses near you. Sometimes old and abandoned houses, estates and mansions have a creepy vibe. Amplify the effects and tension by enjoying some quality weed and, if it’s safe, go for your very own ghost walk.

A variation on this theme is to go for a midnight walk with a few friends for a short walk in the woods or on the beach. Just take a few joints with you to ensure a great atmosphere!

Make a cannabis themed Halloween costume!

If there is one night a year where you can get away with a weed-themed costume, then it has to be Halloween! Some people rent a costume from a professional costume company. Giant marijuana leaf costumes are becoming easier to find. Or you can make your own if you have a good imagination and know how to use a needle and thread. The only limit is your own imagination. Just remember to have a good vape/smoke before you put it on, because it could be tricky to smoke a joint later on when you are wearing your outfit.

Choose some Halloween cannabis varieties for the perfect night

Well, OK, there aren't THAT many Halloween themed cannabis varieties. So you may need to loosen your definition a little bit. But with a little creative thought, you can convince yourself that these varieties are ideal to enjoy on Halloween.

Auto Cinderella Jack

For a special night out, we recommend a special autoflower variety. Auto Cinderella Jack® is an uncompromising autoflower seed variety with genetics from Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer. This is one of Dutch Passion’s strongest autoflower seed varieties, bred predominantly for pure potency. These autoflower seeds produce exceptional quality cannabis, they enjoy being grown under 20 hours of daily light from seed to harvest.

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise

If you are a real party animal who enjoys all-night parties and going home at dawn then consider Auto Brooklyn Sunrise®. This autoflower seed variety gives a great feel-good high with plenty of energy for a good party. This variety got its name from the unusually euphoric morning high which arises if you wake and bake (get high first thing in the morning). So, if you want to party like it’s 1999 on Halloween night, then enjoy a joint of Auto Brooklyn Sunrise as dawn approaches.

Passion Fruit

If you want a feminised seed variety which packs a real punch then Passion Fruit® could be a great choice for your Halloween evening. This fruity Dutch Passion treat gives a rich fruity taste, ideal for complementing fruit cocktails at your party. More than that, Passion Fruit also delivers a no-nonsense premium quality effect with a particularly powerful and numbing vape/smoke. The high feels very comforting, relaxing and social. You will enjoy the night and perhaps feel a little more outgoing than normal.


Enjoying a cannabis themed Halloween

We think Halloween is one of the best events of the year to pair with cannabis, and we hope you have great fun on Halloween. Remember, if you do enjoy cannabis edibles, the most cost effective way of producing them is to grow your own cannabis from autoflowering cannabis seeds or feminised seeds. Anyone growing feminised outdoor seeds in the northern hemisphere has usually harvested most of their outdoor plants by the end of October. Once Halloween has been celebrated, you know that Xmas is next. We hope you have plenty of fun, and cannabis, to enjoy over the long winter evenings ahead.

Cannabis and Halloween. Cannabis fun and treats for a special Halloween.
October 31st 2019
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i would like to purchase 2 feminised seeds of the passionfruit type & 2 of lemon grass if possible as i come from the land down under . if you do post to sydney australia & don't charge the world i would love to include them in my garden as we now in the last month of spring cheers