Cannabis and Christmas. The art of relaxation

Cannabis and Christmas. The art of relaxation

Xmas time is always made better with some great cannabis to enjoy over the holidays. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas comes with cold weather and long dark nights. For cannabis lovers, there are few better way to brighten things up than to make sure your cannabis jars are full in time for the holiday season. Many home growers plan their grows to end a week or two before the Christmas holidays. That is a great way to guarantee the jars are filled in the most cost-effective way. A few plants grown from feminized cannabis seeds in your own home/garden is still the most affordable way to provide your own cannabis.

Cannabis and celebrations. Christmas cannabis fun.

Cannabis has always been used as part of the fun and celebrations for all types of events and parties. And why not? Cannabis is a fun way to relax. For many people, a room full of cannabis users often feels much more relaxing and less threatening than a noisy bar of beer drinkers. The best sativa cannabis seeds/strains also offer a great sense of euphoria, a perfect match for the party mood and Xmas spirit. One other advantage of using cannabis instead of alcohol over Xmas is the chance to completely avoid a hangover. Traditionally one of the worst consequences of excessive Christmas partying is the hangover the morning after the party. Alcohol may be preferred by many people, but cannabis doesn’t give you a hangover, an upset stomach or a beer belly. In fact, cannabis is often used to soothe the effects of an alcohol-induced hangover.

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Cannabis as a Christmas hangover remedy?

Two of the many medical uses of cannabis are to reduce nausea and restore a healthy appetite. These properties are also useful for helping with hangovers. Alcohol can be fun for some people, but resulting nausea can make it difficult even to drink a glass of water the following morning. The anti-nausea properties of cannabis are increasingly well documented in professional medical journals. So if you do suffer the effects of too much Xmas drinking, then cannabis could be your cure the following day.


Cannabis and party celebrations at Christmas

The modern, and ancient, popularity of cannabis is down to two key properties. Firstly, cannabis offers a genuine feel-good experience of euphoria and bliss. Secondly, it is used widely for medical purposes. These two qualities will ensure that cannabis remains one of our favoured comforts. And for the same reasons cannabis remains such a popular way to relax and celebrate at Christmas and on other festive occasions. Cannabis is great fun when consumed socially with a group of friends, family or colleagues. It lightens the mood, allows everyone to fully relax and gets the party started. What’s more, cannabis will make the party food taste even better and help people have a monster appetite when the food arrives. Best of all, there is no hangover or nausea, no heavy limbs or all-day headaches afterwards.

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Cannabis edibles at Christmas.

Many cannabis enthusiasts love cannabis edibles as a special Christmas treat. These can be savoury or sweet and contain cannabis or a cannabis extract such as cannabis oil. There are many recipes for cannabis edibles, cannabis butter, sauces etc online. Cannabis home growers often save some buds for their edibles. Experienced cannabis users find that edibles give a somewhat deeper experience compared to smoking/vaping. One of the main differences is that the high can take longer to arrive, perhaps after an hour or two. And the high can be extremely powerful, more so than vaping/smoking. That can leave you feeling very high for the whole day. It may not be the experience that you want to have every day. But for a special celebration, a strong cannabis edible can be a real treat. The main consideration when making Christmas cannabis edibles is to judge your tolerance carefully and match it with the amount of cannabis you plan to put in your edible. If you make the edible too strong you will have several hours of possible confusion/bewilderment to cope with, followed by an epic sleep.

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Planning a good stash of cannabis for the Christmas holidays.

For many people, Christmas is a time away from work, a time to relax with friends and family. And a time to forget about responsibilities for a few days. These are good reasons to make sure that you have a good stash of Xmas cannabis saved for the holidays. The best way and the most affordable way is to grow a few feminized seeds or autoflower seeds. Good luck, and best wishes for the holiday season from the Dutch Passion team!

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On the twelfth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:

Twelve well-cured nuggets
Eleven rooted cuttings
Ten pre-rolled fatties
Nine bongs of sensi
Eight stoner nights out
Seven grams of hashish
Six well-topped pizzas
Four twenty vibes
Three grams of hash
Two ready-rolled
and a freshly sprouted cannabis seed!

Cannabis and Christmas. The art of relaxation
December 20th 2018
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