Cannabigerol. What is CBG? Growing CBG rich cannabis from seed.

Cannabigerol. What is CBG? Growing CBG rich cannabis from seed.

Cannabigerol, or ‘CBG’, is one of the many cannabinoids made by the cannabis plant. CBG is the non-acidic version of cannabigerolic acid. That is the parent cannabinoid which gives rise to many subsequently important compounds such as THC and CBD. That’s why CBG is currently regarded as one of the most important cannabinoid compounds. If CBG production can be controlled, perhaps it will open the door for new varieties with even more THC and CBD.

During the growth of the cannabis plant, CBG is a hugely important pre-cursor. Without CBG the cannabis plant can’t go on to synthesise crucial components such as THC and CBD. Because CBG is used as a building block for the production of THC and CBD, usually less than 1% CBG is left in the cannabis plant at harvest. And for many cannabis varieties, final CBG levels are below 0.1%. Cannabis needs to be able to produce CBG in large quantities in order to subsequently produce THC and CBD in high quantities. But CBG is more than just a building block for THC and CBD. CBG is also thought to have important medical benefits of its own.

Medical uses of CBG. CBG and colitis/irritable bowel syndrome.

Colitis is one medical area where CBG is currently being researched,and in particular the anti-inflammatory properties. This research paper published in The Oxford Academic-  foundation for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, shows CBG was possibly the most effective cannabinoid.
This research paper
also shows promising results from CBG on colitis/inflammatory bowel disease.

Neuroprotective properties of CBG. CBG and Huntington’s Disease.

Huntington's Disease is a progressive and degenerative disease which affects the human neurological system. The use of CBG as a neuroprotective compound has been investigated. This  research paper indicates that:

“In conclusion, our results open new research avenues for the use of CBG, alone or in combination with other phytocannabinoids or therapies, for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington’s Disease.”

CBG cannabinoïde cannabigerol

CBG. The non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

CBG is non-psychoactive. That means it won’t get you high in the way that THC will. However it is unclear how CBG can interact with other cannabinoids. In other words, we are not yet sure if CBG has an affect of amplifying the effects of other cannabinoids in a process known as the entourage effect.

CBG rich cannabis seeds.

Cannabis professionals are already working on a CBG-rich cannabis seed variety. In the next year or two you may be able to grow your own CBG rich cannabis from feminized seeds. Initial indications are that this may be possible with absolutely zero THC in the buds. This could mean that the first CBG rich varieties will be classified as a new type of ‘cannabis light’. CBG follows in the footsteps of CBD. Both are non-psychoactive cannabinoids. CBD rich buds that are low in THC has become known as cannabis light. These buds are proving very popular in countries like Switzerland, Italy and other countries. They can be bought openly and legally in tobacconists, herbalists, health shops and head shops. CBD rich ‘cannabis light’ buds look and smell like real cannabis. Some people smoke (or vape) the buds as an alternative to tobacco. Some people find that a vape/smoke of CBD buds removes the craving for a joint or cigarette. Other people find that CBD offers useful benefits for them, or their health issues. What will CBG rich cannabis buds be used for? And if they are completely free of THC will that allow the buds to achieve mainstream popularity?

What are the uses for CBG rich cannabis?

One of the big questions for CBG rich cannabis is where the likely uses will eventually be found. The answers are difficult to predict until CBG rich cannabis is available to medical users. Only then are we likely to start to understand which common conditions are most easily helped by CBG. When CBD rich cannabis was introduced over the last decade no-one really expected CBD to be as popular as it eventually became. And no-one expected such a wide array of areas where CBD would show possible uses. Will it be the same with Cannabigerol? Will future new cannabinoids all prove as interesting as CBD or will some cannabinoids have less value to medical science and researchers? The interest in medical uses of cannabis has never been as high.

CBG cannabinoïde cannabigerol

Dutch Passion and CBG seeds.

Only time will tell the potential future uses for CBG. If CBG rich feminized seeds become available during the next year or two, then the answers will follow soon after the release of the seeds. These are exciting times for the cannabis community as cannabis breeding reaches new levels of sophistication. New cannabinoids that we could previously only read about are starting to become available to the community of home growers. There are exciting times ahead for the cannabis community.

Cannabigerol. What is CBG? Growing CBG rich cannabis from seed.
June 21st 2019
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Nikki Rodriguez

2021-06-17 12:01:14

Hola ,el articulo es muy interesánte,nosotros estamos cultivando CBG en las Islas Canarias , con muy buenos resultados desde hace un tiempo , el cultivo de CBG se muestra muy interesante a la hora de seguir realizando nuevas investigaciones con canabinoides.


2019-10-08 10:47:15

Michael, 7th Oct 2019. So far we don't think there are any CBG rich seeds available. Fingers crossed that you see one soon ;-)


2019-10-07 20:41:01

Is there any CBG dominant seeds available to the U.S.?

Bobbie Ebert

2019-06-28 14:00:32

I love reading your research papers and looking at the pics you post on Facebook. I just had to let go of my license for medical marijuana because I can't use it here in Rhode Island because I live in federal housing. So now, I deal with the pain back on those crazy opiates for my degenerative bone disease that gave me 24 screws and hardware which has hampered my life. When MMJ got passes in Rhode Island I started growing, soon after I got a cease and desist order or I will be evicted back in 2008.