Canada Legalizes Cannabis

Canada Legalizes Cannabis

Canada is the second country, after Uruguay, to fully legalize the use of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. The medical use of cannabis has been legal since 2001. In 2015 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to make cannabis legal for recreational use too. Canada becomes the first major world economy, and the first of the ‘G7’ leading industrial nations (USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan & UK) to fully legalize cannabis.

Canada. Growing cannabis seeds legally

Canada’s brave decision to be the first major western economy to legalize cannabis puts them in a great position to capitalise on the massive expected international export/financial opportunities that will follow legalization. The first challenge for Canada is to meet their own domestic cannabis consumption requirements, and then they can start to think about being the main winner in the inevitable international export opportunities which will come along.

The current Canadian law allows for up to 4 cannabis plants to be grown at home though some provinces can make local adjustments to these laws. With the Canada legalization, any Canadians will be able to grow their own feminized seeds, regular seeds or autoflowering cannabis seeds at home.

Growing enough cannabis to meet the $6.5 billion demand

Many Canadians are expecting supply problems for the first few months as the Canadian cannabis growers steadily increase production to cope with demand. Cannabis will only be legal at Government licensed outlets. Careful thought has been given to ensure that prices are not so high that they stimulate a black market, and not so low that they fail to generate sufficient tax. And despite plenty of planning and warning about potential cannabis shortages, Canada has seen many of their dispensaries running short of cannabis in the first week of sales, as reported in Fortune Magazine.

The licensed producers are doing their best to increase capacity and rush the first few crops through to the dispensaries. It’s worth noting that after alcohol prohibition ended it took several years for the brewing business to expand and fill the demand. Currently, Canada’s licensed cannabis producers are using feminized seeds as well as autoflower seeds to produce the first legal national cannabis harvest.

Why did Canada legalize recreational use of cannabis?

The ruling liberal party of Justin Trudeau has never hid the fact that they believe the current international laws on drugs benefit criminals rather than safeguarding society. The decision to legalize recreational use of cannabis is partly about correcting a failed system which benefits organised crime with $billions in tax free revenues. And in this interview with ‘The Star’, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also points out that a legal system will make it harder for young people to buy cannabis, legality will remove black market operations faster than prohibition ever could. In fact, prohibition actually encouraged a black market.


Canadian president


Dutch Passion In Canada. MYM Nutraceuticals & Weed Me growing Dutch Passion cannabis seeds.

Dutch Passion have always enjoyed close links with Canada, and have recently announced two important partnerships with Canadian Licensed cannabis producers MYM Nutraceuticals and Weed Me. These partnerships allow MYM and Weed Me to grow Dutch Passion genetics in Canada.

About MYM Nutraceuticals and Dutch Passion

MYM are a major new grower based in Vancouver but with facilities in Weedon (Quebec), Laval (Quebec), Casino (Australia), Medellin (Colombia) and MJT Manufacturing (Toronto). The facilities will grow Dutch Passion cannabis seeds, both autoflower seeds and feminized seeds will be used. MYM will also sell Dutch Passion branded products, this could include buds as well as extracts. MYM decided to use Dutch Passion genetics to differentiate their own high quality products from the rest of the Canadian produced cannabis products. The high quality genetics will allow MYM to produce a full range of proven varieties, rich in THC as well as CBD. MYM could easily have selected alternative cannabis seeds to grow from, for Dutch Passion it is quite an honor that our seeds were selected for this large project. When complete, the growing facilities will exceed 2.7 million square feet, a massive investment with huge potential.


About Weed Me and Dutch Passion cannabis seeds

Weed Me are based in Toronto, Canada and are focussed on producing the highest quality cannabis products using the best production practises and LED grow lights which maximise plant health and bud potency. Weed Me will produce cannabis products, dry flowers and extracts in their facilities using Dutch Passion seeds. They will also produce some branded Dutch Passion products. Production methods will be organic, pesticide and chemical free. This was another attraction for Dutch Passion, the concept of the finest quality cannabis produced completely organically is one which the Dutch Passion team found very appealing.


Rolling a joint


Dutch Passion in Canada

The partnerships with two new, high-tech cannabis growers with MYM and Weed Me are important strategically for Dutch Passion. Canada is the only fully legal western cannabis market, the freedoms granted to licensed cannabis producers in Canada allow for high growth and rapid expansion. If Canada becomes one of the worlds largest cannabis exporters, as many predict, it will create a world leading cannabis economy. Although the Canadian cannabis market is still new, most people expect it to grow dramatically and rival the USA cannabis market.

Canada Legalizes Cannabis
October 25th 2018
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