Bologna Indica Sativa Trade 2019 expo.

Bologna Indica Sativa Trade 2019 expo.

The Bologna Indica Sativa expo in Italy is an important event in the cannabis calendar for the Italian growing community.  The expo has been popular with home growers, professionals and business owners for more than 10 years. This year the organisers did a bigger and better job than ever. There were suppliers of equipment, nutrients, grow lights and cannabis seeds. Lots of home growers had a day out and enjoyed seeing all the suppliers under one roof. A large area was dedicated to hemp food and street food. Visitors to the expo enjoyed great quality food. Pizza, pasta, beer or burgers all made with hemp.

Hemp and hemp seeds.

Hemp was a major theme of the 2019 Bologna expo, with large areas and numerous stalls dedicated to hemp growing or hemp products. Each year, more and more professional farming and food producers start to grow hemp. The seeds and fibres have many uses. The Bologna expo is an opportunity for those interested in hemp to find the best partners and suppliers. Plenty of advice, support and knowledge is available at the expo.


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CBD. A major topic for the Italian market.

CBD production is big business in Italy. Lots of CBD producers are based there, CBD oil is exported from Italy to the rest of Europe and beyond. This year there was lots of interest in CBD. Several CBD oil producers were present. CBD flowers/buds are very popular in Italy. These look and smell just like the real thing, but with THC levels below 0.6% they won’t get you high. Many large growers produce low THC cannabis which is sold in tobacconists, herbalists and alternative shops. Some people use CBD weed to remove the cravings for tobacco or a joint. CBD is also finding it’s way into cosmetics of all types. One new strong theme from Bologna 2019 is CBD for pets. Many pet owners find CBD helps their animals. Dutch Passion CBD Charlotte’s Angel and CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel are both CBD rich seed varieties with very low THC levels, usually under 1%. These varieties are grown by people who don’t want to get high from their harvest.

Cannabis seeds and cannabis growing equipment.

Cannabis seed suppliers such as Dutch Passion were present at Bologna 2019. Lots of home growers come along to speak directly to the seed companies, ask questions, and stock up their seed collection. Italy has a thriving home grown scene. Lots of Italians grow their own cannabis, mainly for cost reasons. People that enjoy the best cannabis varieties often grow their own. It can be difficult getting hold of fairly priced, consistently high quality cannabis unless you grow it yourself.


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Feminized cannabis seeds.

Many Italian growers use feminized cannabis seeds for both indoor and outdoor growing. With a warm climate, especially in southern Italy, there is a long growing season. Dutch Passion saw most interest in the new USA cannabis seeds especially HiFi 4G, Mokum's Tulip and Auto Lemon Kix. Popular classic varieties were also in heavy demand, including the outdoor legend Frisian Dew, Durban Poison and Mazar. Some growers said they had been growing Dutch Passion varieties for 10-15 years and continue to do so because they love the old school taste and consistent quality. Some old school growers continue to use regular cannabis seeds, feeling that it is the best way to find the best mother plants.


Autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Lots of visitors to the Bologna Expo were interested in auto seeds. Outdoor growers find autoflower marijuana seeds a convenient way to get an early summer harvest in Italy. Outdoors, autoflowering seeds take around 100 days to grow from seed to harvest. In southern Italy growers can get 3 successive autoflower harvests each year.

Lots of first time cannabis growers buying seeds.

The Dutch Passion booth was always busy. Italian growers have been using Dutch Passion indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds for year. Lot’s of people stopped simply to say hello. Others stayed and asked for detailed information about the strains and grow tips for them. We also met a lot of new cannabis growers. Many were recreational growers that wanted to grow their own cannabis to save money and improve on the quality of their local dealer weed. But there were plenty of new medical cannabis growers. Many of these wanted to start to grow so they could get a stable supply of good quality cannabis which worked well for their condition. People bought all types of seeds. CBD rich cannabis seeds were mainly bought by medical growers. The guerrilla growers bought feminized cannabis outdoor seeds. And plenty bought autoflower seeds and photoperiod feminized seeds too.


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Cannabis in Italy.

The cannabis market in Italy is growing fast and in many different ways. The Italian public are increasingly seeing the positive aspects of cannabis, hemp and CBD. From food to clothes, people are starting to see hemp and cannabis as a resource rather than a threat. The Italian people are ready for full cannabis legalization. The biggest obstacles at the moment are the politicians and laws which lag behind public opinion. But things are changing quickly. Dutch Passion enjoyed catching up with friends and customers at Bologna 2019. We hope to be present in 2020 too. See you there!

Bologna Indica Sativa Trade 2019 expo.
April 17th 2019

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