AutoBlueberry review by Robwars

AutoBlueberry review by Robwars

AutoBlueberry has always been one of Dutch Passions best selling AutoFem’s.  It is based on Dutch Passions famous Blueberry ‘traditional’ variety and has the same fruity taste and occasional blue colourations as Blueberry.  AutoBlueberry is also noted for a deep strong stone, just the same quality level as a traditional variety but with all the convenience and speed of an auto.  AutoBlueberry also delivers good yields and in optimum conditions she can yield 100-200grams+ from a single plant.   

gorgeous auto blue berry


For many Dutch Passion customers, AutoBlueberry is the ‘connoisseur’ auto, a rich combination or proven top quality genetics with good yields of the best quality pot.  This weeks blog follows Robwars who rates AutoBlueberry as his personal favourite.  Robwars is an experienced auto-grower who uses his skills and experience to produce very special results.  But these days auto’s are so easy and forgiving that anyone can grow them and produce generous amounts of top quality weed. If you haven’t grown an auto yet then now is the time to start, and AutoBlueberry could be the most impressive one to try growing first.  Many thanks to Robwars for these photo's and details of his AutoBlueberry experience.

stash of auto blue berry

more auto blue berry


Robwars grew AutoBlueberry in 10 litre (2 gallon) airpots.  These are proving very popular with auto-growers.  They allow a well-aerated root ball to develop, the numerous air-holes allowing good oxygen levels to support a healthy root system.  The dimpled structure to the walls of the airpots force the roots into the centre of the plant pot.  This avoids roots circling around the sides and bottom of the pot, which sometimes happens with traditional plant pots. 

more lovely nuggets


Fox Farms ‘happy frog’ soil was used along with a range of additives which Robwars has been carefully fine-tuning.  His full grow diary is on the Autoflower network and is here.  He grew his AutoBlueberry under two Blackstar 240W LED units, a total of just under 500W.    The light system was 20 hours ‘lights on’ followed by 4 hours ‘darkness’.  The AutoBlueberry was harvested after 12 weeks (84 days after germination)

lovely and frosty auto blue berry plant


Like most auto’s, AutoBlueberry produces a single main bloom, surrounded by a ring of smaller blooms.  AutoBlueberry does not mind being tied down, and this previous grow by ‘Insert Name Here’ shows what a versatile and productive variety AutoBlueberry is.  Here are a few words from Robwars about her


“The blueberry is a beast. By far my favorite auto grown to date and I always have one going.  She started out strong right from the start and was an absolute dream grow.  Once she started flowering I cut the bottom branches off and I tied her down and spread her apart for more light penetration.
It worked just as I had hoped and all her energy went to producing the densest buds I've ever seen let alone grown.  It was also my personal best at 243 grams. My friend said it best when she said "it's like grinding up rocks" as she struggled with the grinder. LOL
The smoke is amazing, take a couple puffs and you're off to a nice heady high, take a few more and it's bed time. Perfect in my book.
The smell is a little different then I have had before in my previous AutoBlueberry grows. This one smelled like cat piss from a distance but when you got up close she gave off that sweet blueberry that I am used to. The smell carried over after harvest as well, I open my jars and it's raining cat piss and then I move in for a closer whiff and it's sweet fruity goodness. Oh and don't worry the sweet fruity goodness comes through when smoked as well.”


AutoBlueberry produces great quality pot, she is easy to grow and even first time growers get good results with her.  She is one of those iconic auto’s that everyone should try at least once.  Robwars has grown AutoBlueberry before and regards her as one of those special auto varieties worth growing again.  AutoBlueberry has always been the connoisseurs choice of auto with a top quality stone and an increasing number of repeat growers, which is always the sign of a special variety.

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AutoBlueberry review by Robwars
March 1st 2013

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2013-08-23 10:13:42

Awesome plant robwars,well done dude


2013-03-21 16:19:48

So awesome robwars such a beautiful lady well done keep on killing it brother.


2013-03-02 16:01:30

Thanks guys Tony I traded in my stage lights for LEDs.... LOL

Kush T

2013-03-01 23:39:47

Super stuff Rob.. I'm with you all the way on the AutoBlueberry.. Lovely smoke.. & what a result with that awesome specimen :)


2013-03-01 17:16:38

WOW congrats Robwars. Beautiful plant, great grow!

tony | Dutch Passion

2013-03-01 15:43:41

Gorgeous looking plants Rob, remember us when you are a ROCK STAR


2013-03-01 15:05:18

Awesome stuff Robwars mate


2013-03-01 13:31:18

Well done Rob. Another top grow from one of the best growers around!!