Auto Orange Bud. Coming September 2017

Auto Orange Bud.  Coming September 2017

Dutch Passion are pleased to announce that Auto Orange Bud will be available from September 2017.  Auto Orange Bud is a breeding project which has taken several years using genetics from Dutch Passion’s original Orange Bud photoperiod variety.  Auto Orange Bud combines the tangy citrus Skunk aroma with the famously strong Orange Bud high and heavy yields of frosty buds.  Auto Orange Bud grows to a medium hight, typically around 1 metre tall with large central bloom surrounded by several smaller side blooms.  Indoors she is usually ready around 75 days after germination on a 20/4 light schedule.  Outdoors Auto Orange Bud takes around 90 days from seed to harvest.  This is a sativa dominant auto with a wide growing latitude which suits novice growers as well as expert growers.  In good conditions Auto Orange Bud can produce XXL yields with a powerful and long lasting anti-anxiety high.

Auto Orange Bud.  Coming September 2017
July 28th 2017

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2021-05-05 15:52:25

i was one of the first to grow this online on AFN and ran a permenant thread for a year with this strain, still to date my favourite weed to grow and smoke,i even produced some seeds myself that have kept me going for the last couple of years,alas they are now gone ,expect an order in the very near future,smoker for 40yrs and its my go to every time,dutch passion genetics at their best