Auto Frisian Dew and Think Different indoor cannabis grow with GH Flora Nutrients and LED grow lights in a Growlab tent

Auto Frisian Dew and Think Different indoor cannabis grow with GH Flora Nutrients and LED grow lights in a Growlab tent

This weeks grow review comes from Corgy who grew Dutch Passion autos Think Different and Auto Frisian Dew and got a great home grown harvest with some huge plants.  The original grow diary was here on the Auto flower Network.  Seeds were germinated in the popular ‘Root it’ foam cubes. (Here is a Dutch Passion guide for germinating cannabis seeds easily and successfully).  

The plants were all grown under LED grow lights indoors.  The autos were grown in a mixture of airpots and auto pots, both systems give great results for home growers.  Nutrients came from GH Flora Nova and included the Bio-roots, Grow, Bloom and Ripener products.  Additionally, Bio-Green additives were also used.  The combination of LED, airpots, auto pots and proven nutrients produced some particularly large and heavy yielding home grown cannabis plants.

Think Different cannabis seeds.  Easy to grow, THC rich.

Think Different was one of the original Dutch Passion autos, arguably one of the strongest smokes in the Dutch Passion collection with a strong ‘up’ high.  The genetics are powerful THC rich, with massive yield potential in optimum conditions.  They came from the best AK420 phenotype ever found by our breeders, combining great yields without compromising THC levels.  Like all the Dutch Passion autos she will grow under 24 hours of daily light.  However most growers prefer around 20 hours of daily light which seems to reduce the incidence of nutrient deficiencies and allows for extremely easy growing. 

Easy indoor cannabis growing with LED grow lights

Corgy’s Think Differents grew into productive plants with a surprising number of heavy side blooms.  The best auto genetics respond very well to intense light levels, LED does a particularly good job, the tailored spectrum coupled with inherently low levels of IR/heat stress provides a great environment.  Potency improvements in LED-grown cannabis is the reason that most home growers give for switching from HPS to LED growlight.  That’s due to the optimised LED spectrum and reduced IR heat stress.  HPS is still the most affordable way to light a grow room, but it uses a lot of energy producing less useful yellow and orange light and it radiates lots of heat into the grow room.  For a good selection of proven, quality LED grow lights visit our sister company, Crazy LEDs.

And with 20 hours of high intensity indoor light daily during bloom, good auto genetics deliver consistently XL harvests.  Many home growers routinely get 100g++ from each auto, the key is a proven growing/nutrient system and high light levels.  Near-permanent photosynthesis and elite parent genetics are the other key to the great yields.  Many home growers prefer growing auto’s during winter months because the lights are on for around 20 hours each day which keeps grow room temperatures consistent.

Corgy used a number of LED panels, ensuring multiple light sources.  This minimises shadows in the canopy, and it is a good way to distribute light intensity evenly in a grow room.  Auto Frisian Dew is a sturdy variety often used by outdoor growers.  But she does very well indoors, often with blue or purple/red hues in the buds, especially in cooler bloom conditions.  Auto Frisian Dew often stays a little lower and bushier than Think Different, but both are XL yielders.  


XL home grown cannabis harvests with Dutch Passion autos

Think Different and Auto Frisian Dew both spend the first 3-4 weeks in vegetive growth.  Initially the autos are creating a heavy root system to deal with the massive amounts of nutrients and feed which they will soon be taking.  Corgy was feeding his plants up to 5 litres each per day during late bloom - this shows the amount of nutrition that is required to sustain high levels of bud growth under 20 hours of intense light.  The autos usually showed the first signs of female pre-flowers around day 25-30, any later than this is often a sign of the heavier yielding and slower blooming phenotypes.  Most modern autos are ready to harvest around 10-11 weeks after germination.  But patient growers that are prepared to wait an extra week or two can expect bigger harvests and a heavier stone.

 Corgy’s autos were genuine heavyweights.  Resin formation was also impressive.  One of the Think Different’s reached over 1.4m tall under the great light conditions.  Harvest day came at day 94, later than most auto harvests, but the wait delivered XL harvests.  The large Think Different was particularly impressive, with a dry harvest of over 250g.  The Auto Frisian Dew’s also delivered lots of very frosty buds with a silvery trichome coating.

 Buy Dutch Passion cannabis seeds online

Congratulations to Corgy on an impressive grow, and a seriously impressive harvest.  If you want to grow these varieties you can buy your Auto Frisian Dew seeds online here and buy Think Different seed online here.

Auto Frisian Dew and Think Different indoor cannabis grow with GH Flora Nutrients and LED grow lights in a Growlab tent
August 18th 2017
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