7 reasons to switch to vaporising cannabis instead of smoking it

7 reasons to switch to vaporising cannabis instead of smoking it

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When vaporisers first became available no-one really appreciated all the benefits that they offered.  Today vaporisers have become a genuine mainstream alternative to the traditional smoking of cannabis.  A few years ago the Dutch Passion team discovered the benefits of vaporising and today we like to promote the benefits to our customers.

Here are the 7 most important reasons why portable vaporisers are becoming the latest must-buy accessory for a cannabis connoisseur.


  1. Vapourizers allow your weed to last longer.  Thats the biggest single customer benefit that we hear about.  Many vaporiser fans feel that their weed lasts 2-3 times longer compared to joint smoking. In this respect the vaporiser is a great friend of the home grower and the vaporiser pays for itself several times over during its lifetime due to the value of the weed it saves.  
  2. Vapourizers are healthier than smoking.  And they are a great way of ending the health paranoia of smoking.  Some people use vaporisers mainly because of the concerns for the health of their lungs, especially after many years of smoking when they were younger.  Older cannabis lovers are often particularly keen to switch to vaporising to allow their lungs to grow old gracefully.
  3. Vapourizers allow you to get stoned in public places without other people knowing what you are doing.  This is a great benefit for the average cannabis lover.  People enjoy them at soccer games, concerts, walking in the park or relaxing on the beach. Vaporizers offer a more discreet and convenient way of enjoying your herbs compared to a large joint.  You can take occasional sips on your vaporiser without anyone noticing.  Enjoy a quick session on your vaporiser at home without the smell being noticed by anyone else around.  Smoking a big joint in public places is far from discreet.  Many home growers have switched to vaporising their weed simply because they don't like smoking in the same property where they have their personal grow room.  Smoking joints stinks out your house, a vaporiser doesn’t.  
  4. Vapourizers get you just as stoned as a joint.  Vaporizers give you the same pleasurable effects as a joint or bong, they release the cannabinoid compounds from the buds through evaporation at high temperatures.  These vapours include the terpenes, flavours and cannabinoids but no smoke.  Thats because the vaporiser temperature is not high enough to ignite and combust the weed.  So you get all the pleasure/medicine without the stench of burning weed.  Many dedicated vaporiser fans will tell you that they get a ‘cleaner’ high from vaporisers compared to joints.  
  5. Vapourizers allow you to discover a rich array of flavours.  The first few ‘sucks’ on a vaporiser give you the delicate floral flavours that are often lost in a joint.   A vape gives you chance to re-discover the complicated and deep aromas of your carefully grown stash.
  6. Switching to a vaporizer is easier than you think.  We know lots of life-long joint smokers who have switched permanently from smoking to vaporizing.  And they would never switch back.  For some people the transition to vaporisers is easy.  For others it takes effort. If you mix tobacco in your joints you are probably partly addicted to nicotine without realising it.  So switching to a vaporiser may take some people a couple of months to get used to.  But within a couple of weeks your lungs feel clearer than they have felt in years.  
  7. Vapourizers are popular with new medical users who have never smoked before.  Many people use cannabis medicinally but do not want to start smoking joints or bongs.  For these people vaporisers (or edibles) are a great alternative to combustion.


Above, AutoMazar, grown by Robwars , excellent in a vaporiser

Vapourisers were regarded with a little bit of scepticism originally, but today vaporising is a mainstream way of consuming your cannabis.  Some people vapourize to make their weed go further, others do it for heath reasons, and some people simply prefer vaping to smoking.  But whatever the reason that vaporising appeals to you the good news is that there are some great quality vaporisers on the market today.


Dutch Passion have reviewed all the vaporisers on the market and today we offer 3 of the best.  They all come with our metallic 55mm Dutch Passion Pro-Grinder which is one of the best multi-part metal herb grinders you can get, complete with a laser engraved Dutch Passion logo.  

Above, the Dutch Passion 55mm Pro-Grinder, supplied free with every vape we sell.  Laser engraved with our logo, it will last a lifetime.  Clean it by boiling in a pan of milk (and then drink the milk!)

Here is our vaporiser collection:


Wispr 2 This is the most affordable of our vaporisers at €165 and it includes a free Dutch Passion multi-segment 55mm Pro-GrinderThe Wispr 2 is a solid and fully proven vape.  It is powered with liquid butane which heats the herbs to release their vapour.  Re-filling the Wispr 2 takes just 5 seconds with a can of butane.  The Wispr provides clouds of dense and satisfying vapour from your herbs, it is portable, reliable, simple and discreet.  It just works!

wispr to me baby
Above, the Wispr vaporiser.  Simplicity combined with affordability - highly recommended.

Da Vinci This is a solidly built and professional feeling electrically powered vaporiser which we retail for €197.50 which includes the free premium quality 55mm Dutch Passion Pro-grinder.  The Da Vinci takes a couple of hours to recharge from an electrical socket.  You can vapourize either cannabis oil or herbs in the convenient oil/herb drums.  Unlike the Wispr2 the Da Vinci has temperature control and is totally silent in operation.  The Da Vinci is tough, reliable and a great quality vaporiser which any cannabis lover would be proud to own.  

da vinci
Above, the Da Vinci.  Temperature controlled and a rugged design.  Complete with 'oil drums' which can be packed with weed or oil.  Battery powered

Arizer SoloPriced at €197 with a free Dutch Passion metal herb grinder.  The Arizer Solo is one of the worlds most popular vaporisers and gets great customer feedback.  It is electrically powered and fully temperature controllable just like the Da Vinci.  Unlike the Da Vinci, the Solo comes with a glass pathway for your herbs which some people prefer.  The solo is so efficient that you don’t even need to grind your herbs, just put whole nuggets into the unit and it will produce plenty of beneficial vapours, it also works well with hash.  The Arizer Solo really is a beautifully designed and constructed unit which will appeal to the connoisseur.

Above, the Arizer Solo.  The glass vapor system will be preferred by many.  This is a reliable and best selling vaporiser for very good reasons.  

Probably the biggest challenge for any joint-smoker is the difficulty of saying goodbye to combustion and deciding to go smoke-free.  It’s a transition that requires a certain amount of effort and patience.  After years of smoking cannabis it does require some motivation to choose a smoke-free future.  But you can do it, and with 3 top quality vaporisers to choose from you have some great Dutch Passion approved vape options to enjoy. And you get a classy metal herb grinder which will last a lifetime.  There has never been a better time to switch to a vaporizer, whether you choose to vape for health reasons or simply because you want your stash to last longer.


Dutch Joe

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7 reasons to switch to vaporising cannabis instead of smoking it
May 17th 2014

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2016-04-05 23:53:08

I had a vap was a jam jar with heating element like soldering iron cup and pvc tube 2 suck out was top best PS staz under combustion temp 230 c or 180 c not sure but one for sure

eddy - Dutch Passion

2015-10-15 09:57:08

Alison, it feel so much healthier and cleaner to vaporize instead of combust your herbs. You will not regret the change :-)


2015-10-13 22:02:39

Really interested in making the switch.

Dona Kohler

2014-12-20 01:13:36

Is there a possibility to try the different types of vaporisers, before buying one? Do you know coffeshops who have them? In Holland?