5 cannabis varieties that will boost your creativity

5 cannabis varieties that will boost your creativity

People use cannabis for different reasons. Some use it for recreational reasons, others for medical necessity. Some cannabis varieties are noted for enhancing creative thinking. If you are curious about which types of cannabis which will get your creative thoughts flowing, then read on.


Haze varieties

Haze varieties are known for their sativa heritage and long bloom times. THC levels on a good Haze are right up their with the best very best cannabis varieties. Anyone that has enjoyed a quality Haze will be aware of the strong soaring psychoactive high. The effect is usually very powerful and can allow the user to experience a euphoric mental liberation as the stress simply melts away. Many musicians, writers and those involved in creative art find that Haze is the go-to variety when some extra creativity is required.


One of the few criticisms of using Haze to enhance ideas and inventiveness is that it can be a little bit too strong for some people. That means understanding the ‘correct’ dose is critical. If you have too much, you made end up helplessly amused on the sofa. For some creative thinkers, less is more. A light smoke or short vape of cannabis can be sufficient to provoke some new ideas. Haze often has a pronounced and very strong high. Effects on the body can seem less obvious, but a good Haze can produce a head high which can last for several hours.


Growing a good Haze variety shouldn’t be too complicated if you have solid, easy-growing genetics. Dutch Passion OutLaw Amnesia is one of the best Haze varieties we have come across. She was selected because she is easy to grow is soil, hydro or coco fibre with heavy yields. The smoke/vape is genuinely special, OutLaw Amnesia is a variety with unusually high numbers of repeat growers and can be harvested in 9-10 weeks of bloom.

 5 varieties of cannabis to boost your creativity Haze


Pure Sativa cannabis seeds

Some people love sativa cannabis seeds more than any other type. The high is cerebral and can feel quite psychedelic if it is a top quality selection. The buds on a sativa may not feel quite as dense as the rock-hard nuggets from a quality indica.  That’s because sativa varieties originate in hot and humid jungle tropical conditions. The buds and blooms often evolve as less dense to allow better air flow and reduced risk of bud rot and mold in the sticky, hot growing conditions. But the quality of the high from a sativa can be very special indeed.


Sometimes growers feel that the best euphoric effects come from sativa varieties. It is this cerebral high which is so valuable to creative thinkers looking for extra inspiration, new ideas or a different perspective. Writers, artists, musicians and many other artistic people enjoy sativa varieties for the help and creative inspiration which they can offer.


Sativa varieties such as the cannabis cup winning Orange Bud remain particularly popular decades after they were first introduced simply due to the fantastically enjoyable feel-good high. Yields are often excellent on sativa varieties with long blooms. Desfrán is another recommended pure sativa with an excellent creative edge to the high. Note that sativa cannabis seeds, like Haze seeds, can take an extra week or two in bloom. Though the harvest is most definitely worth waiting for. Indoor cannabis growers should also note that cannabis seeds of sativa varieties will usually stretch a little more than indica seed varieties during bloom.

5 varieties of cannabis to boost your creativity pure sativa

Hybrid cannabis seeds

Although sativa and Haze varieties are often most usually associated with creative thinking, many musicians and artists love the fast acting high which comes from the indica side of the cannabis family. A good way to get this is to select a hybrid cannabis variety which uses a solid sativa variety in combination with a quality indica. The result is often a hybrid which combines a deliciously relaxing body effect with a strong cerebral effect. The high can arrive quickly and powerfully, therefore many people will need to consider the optimum dose for them. A strong smoke of a powerful hybrid such as White Widow may offer too much effect to allow for any residual creativity.


One highly recommended hybrid cannabis seed variety is Lemon Kix. This variety won the 2018 Highlife Cup as overall champion. With THC rich USA cannabis genetics, this variety is one of the very best ever created by Dutch Passion. Lemon Kix has around 60% sativa content, it’s a connoisseur variety which offers a golden blend of indica and sativa.

 5 varieties of cannabis to boost your creativity hybrid

CBD rich cannabis varieties

One interesting trend in recent years is the ongoing popularity of CBD rich cannabis seeds. Initially they were more popular with medical growers, but we see increasing numbers of recreational cannabis growers enjoying CBD rich varieties these days. CBD rich varieties usually contain around a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD. THC levels usually don’t get much higher than 10%. That’s around half the level seen in strong THC rich varieties.


With reduced THC levels high is gentler, smooth and you feel able to get on with your day, or your creative thinking. The strange thing is that for many people, the reduced THC content doesn’t diminish the enjoyment in any way. Indeed, some people strongly prefer CBD rich varieties since they allows greater clarity of thought. For creative thinkers this can allow imaginative, blue-sky thinking without the fog of a heavy THC high.


If you haven’t tried a CBD rich variety before they are very pleasing, and for many people they are more suitable for day-time use. Dutch Passion CBD Skunk Haze is a good choice, easy to grow, reliable and stable. It is available in feminized seeds, as are CBD Kush. For fans of autoflowering CBD rich cannabis seeds, CBD Auto Compassion Lime and CBD Auto White Widow are recommended

5 varieties of cannabis to boost your creativity cbd rich

THC-free cannabis seed varieties

Some people love THC-free effects for true creative thinking. It sounds strange, the concept of creative thinking without any THC to help kick-start your ideas. But interest and appreciation of CBD is now at an all-time high. CBD rich varieties such as CBD Charlotte’s Angel and CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel have around 15% CBD and hardly any THC. Usually, THC levels are well below 1%. Smoking or vaping these varieties doesn’t get you high. But, for some people, they offer great relaxation and body effects. Some CBD fans claim they experience a slight mental elevation from CBD, not in a ‘high’ way. But in a calming and settling way. For some people, this focussed peacefulness is the ideal place to find creative thinking.

5 varieties of cannabis to boost your creativity thc free


Cannabis seeds the way you want them

We are all different, and one persons preferred variety to enhance mental stimulation and creative thinking won’t necessarily suit other people. Some cannabis connoisseurs settle on their own favourite varieties and rarely change. Others find it helpful to rotate through different types of cannabis seed to give them variety. Many use cannabis to stimulate their own creative thinking and relax. For thousands of years humans have used cannabis for the same reasons. If you are one of them, then growing your own cannabis seeds may be the best way to grow the best quality cannabis to suit your personal needs.


5 cannabis varieties that will boost your creativity
July 12th 2019
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