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These days the vast majority of home-grown weed is produced by the recreational or medical grower who is simply looking to be self sufficient in their cannabis supply. These growers have realised that growing their own weed is really not at all complicated. Often the biggest surprise to the new grower is that the quality of modern home-grown is better than weed bought from coffee shops or the illegal circuit. Home-grown cannabis also has the advantage of being almost cost-free. Even the very best seeds from established seed suppliers like Dutch Passion are only a few €uro’s each. Nowadays more people than ever have given up buying from dealers and instead grow their chosen variety themselves. If you are growing a few plants for your own use, and if you can follow a few basic safety rules then the chances of success are very, very high.

Shaman strain in greenhouse

Well grown, large cannabis plants may produce hundreds of grams of top quality bud. This plant outgrew the greenhouse!

Even people that are completely new to the concept of gardening have found that growing cannabis is not at all difficult. Start with some good quality seeds and find the safest way of growing for your personal circumstances. Everyone has different circumstances, some can grow safely indoors whereas others prefer a greenhouse, a private corner of their back garden, or a secluded spot in the countryside. Read our grow info or FAQ section to get some ideas of the advantages and disadvantages of the different grow methods and how to grow safely. Just 3 well grown and large plants may be sufficient to provide a persons annual weed supply. It is for these customers that Dutch Passion has introduced the new ’3-pack’ seed options.

This photo from a Dutch Passion greenhouse grower shows that well grown plants provided with the right conditions may grow into large bushy beauties that will yield hundreds of grams of top quality weed each. For these growers 3-packs of seed are quite sufficient. Dutch Passion has introduced 3-packs across the full range of seed varieties. Getting hold of the best cannabis seeds is now more affordable than ever thanks to our 3-packs, so order now and enjoy a bumper harvest.

Dutch Passion 3-seeds packs.

July 14th 2011

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