3 New Dutch Passion Varieties In September 2012

3 New Dutch Passion Varieties In September 2012

Despite 25 years in the seed business Dutch Passion are working harder than ever to deliver the best cannabis seeds for our customers.  The market for cannabis seed may be larger than ever, but it is also more competitive than ever.  There are record numbers of self sufficient recreational and medical growers, but today’s grower is looking for maximum convenience and maximum performance from their cannabis seeds.

So it is with great pleasure that Dutch Passion can announce 3 very special new varieties which we hope will offer something for everyone.  These seeds will be on sale in September.  And in keeping with the new Dutch Passion style you can see test grows of all these varieties on the internet.  We are one of the few seedbanks that are prepared to stand behind new seed launches with live internet grow diaries.  Here they are:

StarRyder®.  This could be our most potent AutoFem yet!  The live internet grow diary by Auto-guru and LED specialist Seymour Buds is nearly complete and looks like it will deliver a large yield of very resinous pot.  StarRyder is a collaboration between Dutch Passion and the Joint Doctor, who was the first person to pioneer autoflowering cannabis.  Just a few years later we are seeing AutoFems out-yielding traditional varieties and matching them for potency.  Few people believed this would happen so quickly.  For Dutch Passion the collaboration with the Joint Doctor was a natural partnership.  It has allowed both teams the chance to combine their best genetics into a winning combination. 

 3 new varieties for september 2012

Resinous StarRyder® bloom, by Seymour Buds

StarRyder combines an elite clone of our Isis with the Joint Doctors own genetics to create a very strong new variety.  The photo’s from Seymours grow diary show the buds are particularly resinous and plentiful.  THC on the main bloom was measured at 15-19% which classifies this as very strong.  Plants are ready to harvest around 10-11 weeks after germination.  The Dutch Passion team believe StarRyder will set new standards for AutoFem performance,

White Widow x The Ultimate®.  This variety is available only in regular (non-feminized) seeds and combines two of our favourites.  White Widow is a classic and we believe that our version is still the best you can get.  It has won countless awards, most recently the 2012 CABA cup in South America and is as good today as it was 20 years ago.  The Ultimate is a more recent addition to the Dutch Passion collection but it quickly became a best seller thanks to the large yields of strong weed it produces. 

 3 new varieties for september 2012

White Widow x The Ultimate® by SuperDry

The hybridisation of these two best sellers creates a stable variety with heavy yields of potent weed.  We expect that White Widow x The Ultimate will be a hit with our customers that like to select special males and females for their own breeding projects.  This is a resinous and very potent variety.  Popular growers forum UK420 has a grow diary from Chemist which you can read.  Autoflower Network also has a grow diary from SuperDry.

OutLaw® is a very powerful sativa Haze traditional variety which is available only in feminized seeds.  It delivers large yields of very potent weed and it is the sheer strength of this variety which has most impressed us.  We expect this variety to be very popular and it will be offered at a budget price of 10 feminized seeds for just €40.  A 12-week bloom time may be required to get the full benefit of quality and quantity but that won’t deter the true Haze fans who will be rewarded with a classy, fresh Haze high.  Quality and quantity at a budget price, this is a future best seller.

We will bring you detailed grow reports of these varieties in the coming weeks.  Work behind the scenes continues with some very special varieties which we hope to bring you in 2013.  In the meantime please keep reading our weekly blog for the latest Dutch Passion news.




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3 New Dutch Passion Varieties In September 2012
August 24th 2012

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