2011 – A great year for home-grown pot fans

2011 – A great year for home-grown pot fans

Dutch Passion wish all self-sufficient pot growers a great Xmas and a herb-filled new year.

2011 was, without doubt, a year where record numbers of home-growers harvested more weed than ever before. 2012 will see even more of the same. With every passing year medical marijuana gains new levels of scientific credibility and mainstream acceptance. Slowly, but surely, the misinformation campaign which has stigmatised cannabis for decades is falling apart. All the efforts from those that have campaigned for the legalisation of marijuana have had a real impact.

What else has happened in the world of cannabis recently? Well, the Swiss Government has OK’d the growing of up to 4 plants for personal use. Denmark is fully legalising (not just decriminalising) the use of pot in Copenhagen. The expansion of the American medical marijuana program continues at a pace that very few people had predicted. Even the New York Police department have issued advice to their cops to stop wasting time and money busting pot smokers. In 25 years of Dutch Passion’s support of the self-sufficient cannabis grower it is hard to recall a time when so much fundamental change has taken place. Who knows what 2012 might bring.
The UK Cannabis Law Reform Party (‘CLEAR’) continue to do an excellent job of using scientific evidence obtained from official Government records to prove that cannabis is not the public mental health danger that the prohibitionists claim. In fact the latest report from them, created with data from the UK’s official hospital records shows that alcohol is much more dangerous in this respect. This overturns one of the main criticisms of marijuana; for many years many Governments have wrongly claimed that cannabis is much more psychologically damaging than alcohol. Well, now the facts prove that pot is safer than alcohol in this respect. In fact pot is safer than alcohol in EVERY respect.

Frisian Dew, rapidly developing a reputation as the best outdoor strain. Tough, robust and resin coated.

2011 has been a turning point for medical marijuana fans. The mainstream medical world has finally accepted that cannabis extracts and oils really do have an incredibly important role to play in the treatment of many medical conditions. GW Pharmaceuticals who make the Sativex cannabis extract are now exporting Sativex to 20 European countries and several non-euro countries; that number increases every month. Within 10 years I predict the pharmacy shelves will contain numerous cannabis based medicines, not just Sativex. Even the most fanatical opponents of cannabis have been forced to accept the professionally-reviewed medical reports that show pot really does help with numerous medical conditions. This is having a ‘domino effect’ with politicians, mainstream media and public opinion now getting the pro-cannabis message.

Dutch Passion, of course, are doing our best to make 2012 an even better year for the self sufficient grower. We are launching 4 great new strains at the start of 2012 and we are confident that the 10-week grow period of AutoFem strains will see AutoFem’s harvested in record breaking quantities during 2012. Our new AutoFem ‘Think Different’ is for those of you looking to grow an AutoFem that will deliver great yields of bud which is as potent as anything you have ever grown from traditional varieties. You can follow the first public grow diary of Think Different on the internet if you want to see it for yourself. Many thanks to the LED pioneer and top grower Seymour Buds for his expert help on this grow.
So as 2011 draws to a close Dutch Passion send their best wishes to pot smokers and pot growers everywhere. You can rest assured that we will be working as hard as ever to develop and improve the world’s best pot varieties. Enjoy the holidays and keep checking our weekly blog, we have a special announcement which involves FREE SEEDS coming soon.

2011 – A great year for home-grown pot fans
December 23rd 2011

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