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Afghani Kush

Afghani Kush cannabis strains strains are some of the most sought after by growers. They are tough, short and stocky plants with heavy yields, exceptional aroma and powerful effects. Afghani Kush seeds are easy to grow with an uncomplicated growth style and faster bloom times than many sativa/hybrid strains. Dutch Passion have selected the best Afghani Kush seeds with proven potency and dense sticky buds.

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Skunk#1 X Afghani

Afghani Kush
Dense sticky buds and a powerful body stone.

Dutch Passion Afghan landrace genetics were obtained decades ago in the Mazar i Sharif region of Afghanistan in the 1980’s, when the area was still accessible to tourists. Today’s Dutch Passion collection of Afghani Kush varieties include our famous Mazar, Masterkush and Night Queen varieties. Afghani Kush varieties are easy to grow. Typical characteristics of Afghani varieties are dense compact buds and a christmas tree shape. The plants may not grow very tall but they are highly productive with plenty of extremely resinous blooms. The effect of Afghani Kush is strong, powerful and intensely stoned. Top quality indica genetics do not get much better than these.