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Afghani Kush

Afghani Kush cannabis strains strains are some of the most sought after by growers. They are tough, short and stocky plants with heavy yields, exceptional aroma and powerful effects. Afghani Kush seeds are easy to grow with an uncomplicated growth style and faster bloom times than many sativa/hybrid strains. Dutch Passion have selected the best Afghani Kush seeds with proven potency and dense sticky buds.

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What are Afghani Kush cannabis seeds?

Cannabis strains that have evolved in the Afghan Kush region are typically referred to as Afghani Kush strains. The mountainous Hindu Kush region tends to suit tough indica strains which are noted for their low maintenance and ease of growth. Afghani Kush varieties are particularly potent and resinous making them firm favourites with home growers as well as professional licensed growers.

Buy Afghan Kush cannabis seeds online

Dutch Passion stock a full collection of prize winning Afghan Kush cannabis seeds. The first strain was the legendary Mazar, from the Mazar-I-Sharif region in the 1980’s. Since then Afghani Kush strains have increased in popularity winning several cannabis cups. You can buy Afghani Kush strains in autoflower seeds, feminised seeds and even regular cannabis seeds!

Best feminised Afghan Kush cannabis seeds

Mazar, Banana Blaze, Master Kush, Jorge’s DiamondsNight Queen and Brainstorm make up the Afghan Kush feminised seed collection. They are all tough, compact, hardy strains which deliver THC rich results and heavy harvests. You can expect a long lasting high and rich hashy flavours from the buds. With indica, or indica-dominant genetics, you can expect fast bloom times of around 8 weeks.

Buy photoperiod cannabis seeds
Buy photoperiod cannabis seeds

Best autoflower Afghan Kush cannabis seeds

Afghani Kush autoflowering cannabis seeds make it even easier, faster and more convenient to grow fine-quality Afghani Kush weed. They grow from autoflower seed to harvest in around 75 days indoors under 20 hours of daily light. You can choose from a selection of top quality auto strains including Auto MazarAuto Banana Blaze or Auto Night Queen.

Buy autoflower cannabis seeds
Buy autoflower cannabis seeds

Best regular Afghan Kush cannabis seeds

Original Mazar is still available in regular cannabis seeds. These 1980’s Mazar genetics remain very popular with home growers and cannabis breeders wishing to make their own hybrids and crosses.

Buy regular cannabis seeds
Buy regular cannabis seeds

Do you sell pure Afghan cannabis seeds (Afghani landraces)?

Some of the landrace Afghani seeds tend not to have quite the same consistently heavy yields as some of the more recent cultivars which have benefited from modern breeding and some stabilisation. Pure Afghan seeds remain in the Dutch Passion seed vaults, however to achieve the commercial qualities (high THC levels, branch-breaking yields etc) the Afghan genetics have been improved with additions of small amounts of other genetics. In the case of Mazar a small amount of Skunk genetics significantly improves yield and consistency.

How do Afghan Kush strains compare with Thai strains?

The main difference between Afghan Kush vs Thai is the indica vs sativa genetic difference. Thai strains have evolved under tropical conditions. The resulting genetics tend to be heavily sativa dominant to cope well with the humid, hot conditions. The soaring sativa Thai high is often somewhat more cerebral and psychedelic than that of an indica.

Afghani Kush strains have evolved in often barren, mountainous regions. These conditions tend to favour indica strain evolution with short, squat and hardy plants capable of surviving and thriving in tough conditions with cooler growing conditions. Indica strains often produce stronger body effects (which some people prefer) alongside a powerful and hugely enjoyable high.

What is the average flowering time of Afghani cannabis strains?

For photoperiod feminised Afghani cannabis seeds you can expect flowering periods of around 8 weeks. The short bloom time is typical of indica dominant strains that have evolved in demanding climates. For home growers this makes Afghani Kush seeds convenient and fast to grow. Afghani Kush autoflowers are even more rapid, often growing from seed to harvest in 10-11 weeks.

What is the average yield of Afghani Kush cannabis seeds?

Yields tend to be well above average. If you’re looking to grow strong cannabis with heavy yields then Afghani Kush cannabis seeds are a great choice. Many of the Dutch Passion Afghani Kush cannabis seeds have an XL yield rating. Afghan Kush strains are naturally indica or indica dominant with fast bloom times and heavy yields. The short, heavily branched plants often have a heavy main bloom surrounded by surprisingly chunky and heavy yielding side branches. To maximise yields, powerful modern LED grow lights are recommended. This will also help push THC levels to their full potential.

What is the average THC-content found in Afghan Kush strains?

THC levels are either officially rated as High or Very High. With THC levels up to 20% you can expect satisfyingly powerful cannabis with a long lasting and highly pleasurable effect. Afghani Kush strains are often favoured for the high levels of sedation and physical relaxation/relief. They are particularly highly valued by medical growers for the strong body effects.

Because Afghani Kush strains are naturally heavy producers of resin they also tend to be amongst the consistently strongest cannabis strains you can grow. Their short stature also tends to make them convenient for indoor grow rooms even if the available grow height is partially limited.

How many Dutch Passion Afghani strains won a cannabis cup?

Mazar has won multiple cannabis cups. Her Afghani Kush genetics remain some of the finest available today. Master Kush, Night Queen and Brainstorm have all won cannabis cups. You can see the full list of Dutch Passion cannabis cup winners. The cannabis cups are awarded for excellent all round performance, meaning the strain should be potent/powerful along with a prize-winning terpene profile and great looking buds.