White Widow – The Cannabis Hall Of Fame Part 1

For some time I have been thinking of creating a Cannabis Hall Of Fame, to celebrate those few universally acclaimed varieties that have been synonymous with enduring quality and being an important part of cannabis history. Of course the difficulty would be getting the chosen team to agree on the strains that would qualify.

But one strain which I think many seasoned stoners would agree on is White Widow. White Widow is often in the coffeeshops here in Amsterdam and I can’t remember when I left the coffeeshop feeling anything other than very stoned.

White Widow was created from an intercontinental cross of Brazilian and Indian strains and the result became a permanent hit showing unusually intense hybrid vigour along with a monster stone. On this blog I will mention only the Dutch Passion version which I know and trust to be original after many years of seeing it grown. Dutch Passion have their White Widow version nailed, especially the feminised version which gives very uniform production. The plants are sticky and have a satisfyingly overwhelming scent when flowering. Growing this variety is especially satisfying as you are pretty much guaranteed a solid harvest of great weed whichever way you choose to grow it.

A Czech friend is a regular indoor grower of White Widow, he often re-grows the plants after the first harvest by switching the lights back to 24 hour days. After a few weeks the white widows are then switched back into flowering for a second harvest. He swears by this method and claims the strain responds well, such is the vigour. Some of our outdoor Spanish customers report that 3 plants keep them supplied with their personal stash for a whole year. When your private stash is as potent as White Widow you don’t need quite as much. White Widow is a great strain, popular also with medical growers due to the strength. In fact it is a very hard strain to grow badly. White Widow grows well as a single cola or as a topped variety and is famous for the white crystally appearance.

Greenhouse growers can see White Widow grow into sizable bushes with plenty of side growth that will yield well. Of course appearances are not everything, the beauty of white widow is in the smoke. A small thin joint is enough for most people, well grown Widow rolls up with a distinctly oily feel as you make the joint, it’s covered with crystals, even the fan leaves. It burns with a strong aroma leaving an unusually white ash. It is a mighty smoke, no wonder it is a permanent part of coffeeshop menus. For me it is also the first strain in my Cannabis Hall Of Fame.

Thanks for the feedback.

Dutch Joe

August 25th 2011

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Hash Hound

2016-02-17 05:52:28

Best pot I have smoked this century by far. Don't know why I grow anything else.