What if cannabis cured cancer?

Well, what if it does? 20 years ago they would call you mad for asking that question, but now top scientists are asking the question for real and Hollywood are making movies about it. It’s a crazy world.

Some of the most interesting research in this area has only been done in the last 5 or 6 years. The results are as surprising as they are controversial and indicate that cannabis stimulates a cellular process which kills the cancerous cell by a process similar to self digestion. This process of cellular suicide is called autophagy, it was first described in the 1960’s but is still not yet fully understood. Nor is it clear why cannabis would stimulate cancerous cell to do this. One of the studies which is at the centre of this medical controversy is here, published in 2009. This is all fairly new to science but there is enough material to get everyone thinking if the impossible could actually be possible.

Len Richmond is a successful writer, director and film maker from Hollywood. He has pushed this debate into the public domain with his latest movie called “What if cannabis cured cancer?”

His movie has got lots of people talking and Len was kind enough to speak to Dutch Passion about the subject. Len explained “After researching my movie, ‘What if Cannabis Cured Cancer’, I now know that if everyone smoked pot, the human race would be far healthier—with less cancer and other diseases of aging—because our ‘endocannabinoid system’ would be well fed. When we ingest the cannabinoid chemicals in marijuana, they naturally hook-up with our internal ‘endocannabinoids’. Endocannabinoids are receptors that help us eat, sleep, relax, forget, and protect our cells. Cannabis, by some unearthly miracle, stimulates our endocannabinoids to work at a higher level“

Len has done his research and met some of the top specialists in the field during the creation of his movie. His conclusions are clear enough “I truly believe marijuana is a spiritual drug that can help human-kind survive—emotionally and physically. By accident or divine intervention, cannabis has become a partnership between man and plant. It’s not the only healing herb on Earth, but as the scientists in ‘What if Cannabis Cured Cancer’ explain, it’s the most powerful. Oh yeah, and it makes us laugh a lot. How cool is that? “

Speaking with Len was an education, but it also made me think at a deeper level about the medical uses of cannabis. Why is it that the human body has several types of cannabinoid receptor cells whose only function is to engage with the chemicals in cannabis? How come so many medical marijuana user groups are categorically clear that marijuana not only helps numerous medical conditions but that it does this more effectively than the usual prescription medicines?

For those of us observing the debate these are genuinely fascinating times. The last 10 years have seen some amazing medical marijuana progress; can you imagine what the next 10 years will bring? The last word in this weeks blog deserves to go to Dutch Passions new buddy, Len.

“If the whole world smoked pot, I think there’d be less conflicts of ego. We’d see the other persons’ point of view more easily. If the whole world smoked pot, I believe we’d be kinder to one another, because we’d be happier within ourselves. The real message of marijuana is its okay to be free and unafraid of new things. Free to live, as much as you can, in the fabulous moment. And isn’t that what we’re here for? To experience life, in all its intensity, in a world filled with vibrant colors, sounds, and sensations? “

YouTube Trailer and 3 minute preview:

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The DVD of “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer” is available on Amazon USA, CD Universe, Barnes and Nobel.com, Best Buy.com, and Len Richmond Films.com. The DVD should play fine, on most computers, if you’re in Europe.
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October 7th 2011

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