USA. Alaska next in line for legal pot?

USA.  Alaska next in line for legal pot?



USA.  Alaska looks likely to be the third state to legalize cannabis for recreational use in the USA with a ballot due to take place in August 2014.  The ballot is widely expected to be passed, however it has taken a huge effort from Alaskan campaigners to reach this point.  Initially they had to collect 30,000 signatures, and that had to include signatures from 30 of the 40 House Districts within Alaska.

Public opinion polls have shown a dramatic shift in approval ratings for legal weed in Alaska.  In 2004 just 38% of Alaskans supported legal weed, in 2010 that number had increased to 43% and last year it was 54%.  However, the successful and problem-free legalizations in Colorado/Washongton states will have convinced a lot of undecided voters to vote 'yes' for legal weed.  In Colorado the politicians are enjoying a windfall of tax revenues that previously were being enjoyed by organised criminals.  And Colorado police officials are also saving huge amounts of public money by preventing tens of thousands of people being put through the criminal justice system for small amounts of pot.  It is no secret that numerous other states are envious of the attractions of legal pot and it is only a matter of time before over half of the USA is enjoying the benefits of legal cannabis.


The full story is here on the Anchorage Daily News, and well worth a read

USA.  Alaska next in line for legal pot?
March 3rd 2014

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