USA. Yet more legal cannabis states on the way

USA.  Yet more legal cannabis states on the way

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The USA continues to lead the way with cannabis legalization regulation changes.

  • Washington DC moved closer to decriminalizing cannabis on Wednesday 15th Jan 2014 when the city council approved a measure that would downgrade  cannabis use to the same legal penalty as a parking ticket.  This would mean, in reality, a more-or-less legal situation.  The resolution was passed unanimously by the city council's public safety committee, the bill reduces penalties for possessing less than an ounce (28 grams) of marijuana to a fine as little as $25.  More info is here,0,1869595.story
  • Florida.  With 1.1 million people signing the petition for medical marijuana, it is now certain that the use of medical cannabis will be put to the ballot for a state-wide vote during 2014.  For Florida campaigners this means that the real battle has begun.  High-profile campains will start to educate the voters about the numerous medical applications of cannabis.  Opinion polls suggest that a public ballot in Florida will be passed.  More info is here

Soon the USA will have over half its states with legal cannabis. 




USA.  Yet more legal cannabis states on the way
January 17th 2014

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