USA. Washington DC considers legal recreational cannabis

USA.  Washington DC considers legal recreational cannabis


USA. Washington DC considers legalization of recreational pot

The worlds media will be following events closely as Washington DC considers whether to follow in the footsteps of Colorado and allow legal pot for recreational use. Washington DC is often referred to as a 'federal district' rather than a traditional 'state'.  Currently Washington DC allows cannabis to be used for medicinal purposes only. The bill will be introduced for debate on Sept 17th, and already it is expected that 10 of the councils 13 members will support it. Legal recreational pot in their own backyard would be a bitter pill to swallow for the the federal government, especially given the recent decision to allow states to set their own pot rules in defiance of federal law.

But the main purpose for the proposed legislation is not to embarass the feds, it is to prevent the disproportionate criminalization of young black men for small amounts of cannabis. Tommy Wells, a DC councillor explained "The motivation for decriminalization simply has been the issue of the war on drugs and the disproportionate impact on African-American youths getting criminal records”

The initial change, if successfully adopted, would be the decriminalization of small amount of personal recreational amounts of cannabis. This in turn would likely trigger future law changes regarding the legal use of recreational cannabis The criminal records routinely given out for even small amounts of cannabis can affect future employment prospects and future educational opportunities for young people. Many Americans now feel that the laws against cannabis are far more dangerous than the cannabis itself and are wanting an end to the expense and hypocrisy of the war on cannabis.

The full story is here, it is well worth reading and the story has the potential to become a major news item in the coming weeks.


USA.  Washington DC considers legal recreational cannabis
September 17th 2013

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