USA. The beginning of the end for prohibition

USA.  The beginning of the end for prohibition

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The remarkable times continue in the battle to end the prohibition of cannabis, and much of the good news comes from the USA.  Recently cannabis campaigners have seen some remarkable signals coming from the USA

  • President Obama and Attorney General Holder express concern about the mass incarceration of pot-related inmates.  They have also called for representatives of inmates facing inhumane sentences to appeal.  There is a growing mainstream view that USA drug policies have been intepreted in a racist way, disproportionately discriminating against ethnic minorities.  The appeal for clemency for inmates is a signal that the existing laws are known to be unfair.
  • Obama himself made headlines when he recently stated that cannabis was no more harmful than alcohol
  • The USA Department of Justice announced In February 2014 that it would not prosecute marijuana crimes that were legal under local state law, a move that could signal the end of the country's longtime prohibition on pot is nearing. "It certainly appears to be potentially the beginning of the end," said Paul Armantano, deputy director of the cannabis legalization lobby group NORML

2014 is set for continued progress for cannabis laws in the USA, and that is always good news for everyone else.

There is more on the recent events from the Drug Policy Alliance website, one of the most effective campaign groups for cannabis legalization, link below

USA.  The beginning of the end for prohibition
February 24th 2014

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