USA. Proposal for legal CBD cannabis across USA

USA.  Proposal for legal CBD cannabis across USA



USA.  State after state is legalizing marijuana, or writing legislation to legalise it.  But the latest piece of news from the USA could be a real game-changer.  Republican Senator Rick Perry is preparing a nationwide bill that would allow legal access to low THC cannabis varieties across the whole of the USA.  This would allow varieties such as Charlottes Web to be legally accessed in any state.  Currently in the USA many children with Dravets Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy, have become medical marijuana refugees in Colorado. If they leave Colorado, where pot is legal, they would be unable to continue the medical marijuana treatment.
Of course many medical marijuana campaigners will argue that there HAS to be a legal place for high THC varieties as well as high CBD varieties of cannabis.  And we hope to eventually see all cannabis varieties legalized for medical use.  But the proposed bill from Sen Rick Perry shows how seriously politicians are starting to take the cannabis debate, which is refreshing to see especially in the USA where the war on medical marijuana began.  
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USA.  Proposal for legal CBD cannabis across USA
July 30th 2014

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