USA. Legalized pot hits Maine

USA. Legalized pot hits Maine

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USA.  Portland, Maine legalises pot!

The unstoppable wave of cannabis legalizations in the USA continues to gather pace.  Portland, Maine's largest city, has voted to legalize possession of up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis.  Maine legalized medical use of cannabis back in 2009, but the recent vote now allows people to possess cannabis for recreational use as well.  It's a huge victory for USA cannabis campaigners since the east coast now has fully legal pot just like the states of Colorado and Washington.

The vote in Portland is now expected to be endorsed across the entire state in 2016.  What is also important is that the legal limit will be 2.5 ounces of pot, more than Colorado or Washington. This will make Portland one of the most liberal places in the USA for cannabis.

The incredible news from the USA shows no signs of stopping, indeed many campaigners tell us that the next 2-3 years will see a wave of legalizations sweep across the states as the evidence is now overwhelming that

a) prohibition of cannabis causes more harm than pot ever could whilst failing to reduce consumption.  By legalizing pot the USA is cutting off a major revenue stream from organised crime.  This is simultaneously weakening criminal networks and easing workloads on local police.  Legalization also prevents people (mainly the under 30's) getting criminal records which damage education, employment and housing prospects

b) the overwhelming case for free access to medical marijuana in USA is now passing every public vote.  Voters no longer believe the prohibition lies that cannabis has no medical value.  Instead voters are evaluating the evidence for (and against) medical cannabis, and making their own decisions to legalize cannabis.

This is great news for the rest of the world.  Where the USA goes on national drug policy the rest of the world always follows

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USA. Legalized pot hits Maine
November 7th 2013

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