USA. Free pot for the poor.

USA.  Free pot for the poor.

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As legal medical marijuana has rolled out across the United States one thing has become very clear, good quality legal weed is not cheap.  In some areas poor people struggle to afford the prices which are often $300+ per ounce (28g).

In an attempt to help broke medical marijuana users, cannabis dispensaries in Berkeley California will be required to give away 2% of their pot.  People can qualify for free medical weed if their annual income is lower than $32,000 (or if the household income is below $46,000).

The local council ruling also states that the quality of the free pot has to be the same as that sold over the counter.

Dutch Passion congratulate Berkeley council and hope to see this approach used elsewhere.  More information on the story is here:

USA.  Free pot for the poor.
July 14th 2014

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