USA: Delaware Becomes 16th Medical Marijuana State

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell Friday signed into law a medical marijuana bill approved the legislature. Delaware now becomes the 16th state, along with the District of Columbia, to approve medical marijuana.

USA: Delaware Becomes 16th Medical Marijuana State.

The bill, Senate Bill 17, allows people 18 and older who suffer from specified serious or debilitating medical conditions to possess up to six ounces of the herb, but they cannot grow their own. Instead, qualifying patients will be referred to one of three state-licensed and –regulated "compassion centers," one for each county in the state.

Indonesia: “Supporting marijuana not good”

Jakarta: Social Services Minister Salim Segaf al Jufri says legalizing marijuana may have negative effects on the nation's youth. "I don't agree [with the idea of legalizing marijuana] because I fear it would be misused," he said Saturday as quoted by A number of activists previously demanded the legalization of marijuana and recently held a rally commemorating the Global Marijuana March.

Salim added that it would be difficult to determine whether individuals found in possession of less than 1 gram of contraband were first-time users. Salim was reportedly commenting on the recent statement made by Law and Human Rights Minister Patrialis Akbar, who said there was an effort to revise the law so that those caught with less than 1 gram of illegal drugs would face rehabilitation treatment rather than prison.

USA: Maryland Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Defense and Study Bill

Maryland became the 16th state to remove criminal penalties for the medical use of marijuana today when Gov. Martin O’Malley signed SB 308 as promised. The bill allows seriously ill patients to avoid prosecution when charged with marijuana possession and creates a commission to study medical marijuana laws and make recommendations on how Maryland can institute such a program.

This is the first time since 2003 that additional protections were considered, and it’s an important step toward protecting medical marijuana patients from arrest and ensuring that they have safe access to their medicine.

USA: Vermont Legislature Passes Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bill

The Vermont House voted 99-44 last Thursday to approve a bill that would allow for the creation of four medical marijuana dispensaries to serve the state's hundreds of patients. The Senate, which had passed the bill in April on a 25-4 vote, gave final approval to changes made by the House the following day.

The measure now goes to the desk of Gov. Peter Schumlin (D), who is expected to sign it. He authored a similar bill in the Senate last year. The bill, Senate Bill 17, would expand Vermont's medical marijuana law and improve patient access by allowing the sale of marijuana at dispensaries. The four dispensaries would be licensed and regulated by the state Department of Public Safety.

USA: Medical Marijuana Bill Fails in Illinois House

Medical marijuana came up seven votes short in the Illinois House last week. It needed 60 votes to pass, but only got 53. But the bill is not completely dead. After the vote, Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie), the bill's sponsor, agreed to postpone consideration of the bill, which means that it remains alive for a possible future vote.

The bill, House Bill 30, had been heavily amended by the time it failed in the House Wednesday. The initial version was straightforward: Patients with debilitating medical conditions and a doctor's recommendation could join a state registry, designate a caregiver, grow up to six plants, and possess up to two ounces. Or they could purchase medical marijuana via state-regulated nonprofit dispensaries.

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May 16th 2011

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