USA. CNN medical correspondent backs medical marijuana

USA.  CNN medical correspondent backs medical marijuana

USA.  A few years ago it was thought to be career-suicide for any professional person to declare their support for medical marijuana.  Within the mainstream media there was a saying that cannabis-support was a taboo subject.  But how things have changed.  This week one of the highest profile doctors in the media, CNN Medical Correspondent Dr Sanjay Gupta, announced that he had changed his mind on medical cannabis.

The announcement has been big news this week, CNN themselves are one of the media-giants.  The views of the CNN medical Correspondent are often headline news items themselves, and this week was a special announcement for cannabis campaigners as Dr Sanjay Gupta announced that he has concluded that cannabis should be made legal.  His statement provides a fascinating account of his journey and research to that conclusion.  Initially he thought the campaign to legalise medical use of cannabis was flawed.  But his systematic research as shown him the real value of cannabis as a multi-purpose medicine.  Now he is keen to give his voice to the legalization campaign.  And he will be a great supporter, his high profile in the global media as an expert medic will get ensure that the cannabis debate remains in the spotlight.

The good news for the cannabis movement just keeps getting better.  We have a new 'big-hitter' who will generate compelling arguments in the media supporting medical use of cannabis.  The full interview is here, and we recommend you read it!

USA.  CNN medical correspondent backs medical marijuana
August 12th 2013

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2013-08-15 05:27:00

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2013-08-15 01:34:31

It is so important that CBD is investigated by science without prejudice and is peer reviewed. We should be adding to the sum of human knowledge and recognising that nature is not something that must always be synthesised. This video has convinced me that it is time that governments take a more pro-active position and actively facilitate this research. It could be both more affordable and effective than current treatments.