USA. CBD extract for your pets

USA.  CBD extract for your pets

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USA.  The remarkable increase in popularity of CBD for medical applications knows no limits.  Canna-Pets have started providing CBD pills for pets.  The pills are said to be free from THC to ensure that pets do not get too 'stoned'.  The CBD-rich pet pills are derived from hemp, and is approved by vets, and claimed to offer a wide range of benefits.  The new pet-therapy claims "Animal studies find CBD has antitumor effects, anti-inflammatory effects, stimulates and regulates appetite, and modulates pain.   We find medical benefits, behavioral benefits, prolonged life, reduced stress, and improved quality of life with our pets. "

The pet-pot costs around $1 per day for your pets.  More details are here

USA.  CBD extract for your pets
November 1st 2013

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