USA. Cannabis advertisements now on TV

USA.  Cannabis advertisements now on TV

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USA.  The first mainstream TV advert for cannabis goes live

Only 10-15 years ago few people would have ever thought it possible that mainstream TV stations in the USA would ever broadcast a commercial for cannabis.  But that is exactly what is planned.  The advert is for Marijuana Doctors, a service of medical professionals advertising their ability to  prescribe cannabis to those that need it.  The advert should make it easier for medical cannabis users to locate pot-prescribing doctors.  

The advert is well produced and asks people why they should accept the dangers of buying unregulated street cannabis when they have a safer alternative.  The advert further undermines the criminal sub-culture which has been gifted control of the cannabis market for so long.  And the advert shows a safer, more responsible regulated alternative.   The advert is below.  And a good link to an article on the advert is here



USA.  Cannabis advertisements now on TV
March 7th 2014

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