Uruguay. Legal state-produced pot is just weeks away

Uruguay.  Legal state-produced pot is just weeks away

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Uruguay.  Uruguay is just a few weeks away from being the first country with a fully legalized and regulated cannabis supply.  All that remains is a Government vote which should take place in Novermber, and that is expected to be a formality.  The head of Uruguay's National Drugs Board, Julio Calzada, said the government would set a low price for cannabis as a deliberate policy to  push drug traffickers out of the market completely.  It is remarkably logical thinking for a modern politician, but it will become a model for other countries to follow.  Illegally produced cannabis from neighbouring Paraguay is sold for around 1 US dollar per gram, so Uruguay will also sell their own pot for a similar price.  Uruguayan pot will be grown and supplied by the Uruguayan Government ensuring good quality levels which will also ensure that the street dealers selling low quality pot are forced out of business. The new rules will ensure that pot supply will be safe, regulated, taxed and it will also ensure that under-18's will not be able to buy it.  The police and criminal justice system will be freed from the burden of policing an illegal cannabis market, and Uruguayans will be protected from the stigma of a criminal record for narcotics.  State-produced pot will be sold through pharmacies

A You Tube interview of Julio Calzada is below. The interview was made by the Alchimia Growshop, this is a Dutch Passion seed distributor from Spain who have been keen supporters of full legalization of cannabis, the interview is in Spanish


Uruguay has made an unprecedented step to remove drug revenues from organised crime and when their new system begins the rest of the world will see the benefits to wider Uruguayan society.  Meanwhile you can read more here http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/22/uruguay-legal-cannabis-1-dollar-gram



Uruguay.  Legal state-produced pot is just weeks away
November 1st 2013

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