Uruguay. Cannabis will be on sale soon

Uruguay.  Cannabis will be on sale soon

Of the 20 companies originally shortlisted as possible national cannabis growers, two have been finally chosen to start growing.   The companies are called Symbiosis and ICCorp, and the fact that they have finally been named will end a great deal of waiting by the Uruguayan people who are hoping to buy their legal cannabis at around $1.2 per gram.  The cannabis will be legal for either recreational or medical use and the Uruguayan Government will sell the cannabis through Government approved pharmacies as soon as the crops are harvested in 2016.  South American cannabis harvests usually take place around April, so hopefully Uruguayan cannabis consumers will be enjoying their first legal national harvest in a few months from now

More news on the Uruguayan announcement is here:



Uruguay.  Cannabis will be on sale soon
October 6th 2015

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