UK. More political momentum for UK cannabis legalisation

UK.  More political momentum for UK cannabis legalisation

The UK has some of the most outdated cannabis laws in the developed world, but things are starting to change as politicians ask why the UK is spending so much money on strict adherence to prohibition laws which benefit only the criminals.  A recent report from the All Party Parliamentary Group For Drug Policy Reform has been published saying that the ‘war on drugs’ has failed and so has ‘blanket prohibition’.  The report called for experiments to assess the viability and potential benefits of legalisation of drugs such as cannabis.

Co-chairwoman Baroness Meacher urged the Government to test a controlled test where licensed premises would be allowed to sell labelled and tested cannabis which would undermine dealers who sell more dangerous substances.  The independent peer said: "I think it would be wonderful if our government would introduce a trial of a regulated market.”  
One pressing UK need is to legalize the medical use of cannabis, there are no reasons why that could not be enacted tomorrow.  Current UK political enthusiasm for cannabis prohibition is at an all time low which has cost £Billions to try to enforce but has been generally accepted to be failed and expensive.  Cannabis is now a multi billion dollar industry in the USA where it is legal, taxed and regulated in around half the states.
Dutch Passion wish good luck to UK cannabis campaigners.  Legality has never been closer.
UK.  More political momentum for UK cannabis legalisation
August 19th 2015

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William Smith

2015-08-20 08:56:49

The tide is turning, I hope. The UK government just needs the green light from the UN.


2015-08-19 12:46:07

apart from when it was legal