UK. Is the UK starting to consider legalized cannabis?

UK.  Is the UK starting to consider legalized cannabis?


UK.  Is the UK finally starting to consider legal cannabis

The UK has been one of Europe’s most backward-thinking nations when it comes to cannabis, with politicians refusing to get involved in the debate.  This week quite a lot has changed, with Police Commissioner Ron Hogg saying that the Durham Police force will not be prioritising the arrest of small scale growers or private users.  The comments caused some controversy in the UK, but actually the comments reflected general public opinion on the issue.   The suggestion not to prosecute small ‘personal’ growers would save Police and courts time and money.  It would also reflect the fact that the war on small scale cannabis cultivation has already been lost many years ago.
Two recent UK public surveys, in the Daily Mirror and Daily Telegraph, have also showed overwhelming public support for cannabis legalisation.  
Here are the opinion polls from the Daily Mirror and Telegraph:
UK.  Is the UK starting to consider legalized cannabis?
July 24th 2015

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2015-07-26 11:10:52

This natural healing wonderful plant should have never been illegal anyhow......


2015-07-25 22:56:44

i think its about time it was totally legalized for medical reasons how ever not league to smoke it in public places the park should be okay but not other places cafes would be okay i suppose it would help to pay for our taxes ...hospitals schools etc .....

kathryn jones

2015-07-25 03:21:21

should be legal full stop..!!!


2015-07-24 23:11:06

The criminal element over cannabis is the failure of the U.K. a to recognise the medical properties and as a result wasting NHS money as well as neglecting the need of patients. It really is time that MPs woke up and voted for the need of others and not for the benefit of their Party.