Trinidad. Cannabis legalization spreads into the caribbean

Trinidad.  Cannabis legalization spreads into the caribbean


Trinidad.  The wave of support for legalization of cannabis has spread into the Caribbean.  Trinidad politicians are feeling the opportunity to improve their own drug laws after seeing states in both North and South America doing the same.  Politicians in the Caribbean nations have for many years had to balance the widespread recreational use of cannabis with the fact that it was technically illegal.  It has led to tensions within the caribbean nations, and it has been a costly and damaging process which has led to unnecessary tensions between local police forces and the communities they are supposed to be working with.

The opportunity to improve the situation with legal pot is something that many caribbean nations are now looking at, especially since the Organisation of American States has been publically discussing the socio-economic advantages of ending the war on drugs.  Trinidad Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Dookeran endorsed the report on the drug problem in the Americas by the Organisation of the American States (OAS). Among the recommendations in the report, he said, was that “we should find ways and means to decriminalise the operation and the use of drugs.” .  In particular the legalization of cannabis is a move that would reduce tensions with pot-smoking locals and remove a large number of criminal prosecutions from the courts.  The recent legalizations in Colorado and Washington state have shown that legal pot can happen without any adverse consequences.

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Trinidad.  Cannabis legalization spreads into the caribbean
August 19th 2013

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