The Netherlands: First Dutchman busted for smoking tobacco in a coffeeshop

The Netherlands  -  First Dutchman Busted for Smoking Tobacco in Cannabis Coffee House. In the first coffee shop bust since the Dutch imposed a ban on tobacco smoking in public places earlier this year, an unnamed 27-year-old Amsterdam man has been issued a fine for smoking a marijuana joint laced with tobacco, the Netherlands Information Service reported.

If he fails to pay the fine, his case will automatically advance to the courts, where it would be the first case to punish someone for illegally smoking a legal product in a legal business selling an illegal product. The Dutch banned smoking tobacco in bars, restaurants, and other public accommodations, including coffee shops, beginning July 1.

The smoking of cannabis is not banned, but the quaint European habit of mixing tobacco into marijuana joints had observers earlier this year predicting that such an incident was inevitable. Although Dutch police are not charged with enforcing the smoking ban - it is the domain of the Food and Non-Food Authority (VWA) - the man was issued a citation by a police officer. "If a police officer signals an infringement, he does not close his eyes to it," according to a police spokesman.

the Netherlands: First Dutchman busted for smoking tobacco in a coffeeshop

Canada: One of the largest grow operations ever busted

Canada  -  Police in eastern Ontario busted one of the largest marijuana grow operations in Canadian history.  More than 40,000 plants were seized after provincial police raided a 40-plus-hectare farm in Laurentian Valley Township, just outside Pembroke, Ont. Officers worked through the weekend to help recover the plants as well as some farming equipment from what police say was an elaborate operation.

Superintendent Frank Elbers said this is the largest marijuana grow operation the force has seen since some 30,000 plants were seized from a former brewery plant operation in Barrie, Ont., in 2003. No arrests have been made, and the investigation is continuing, Sgt.  Rae said. In a two-year probe dating back to 2006, Mounties in B.C.  found 45,000 marijuana plants in eight buildings in the Williams Lake area. 

Nine Vancouver-area men face drug trafficking and possession charges after being arrested this month in connection with that investigation. In September, 2005, police in New Brunswick raided three fields in three communities, netting more than 40,000 plants and five people have been arrested.


Ministry of Indigenous Medicine wants to grow cannabis for medical purposes.

Sri Lanka  -  Facing a lack of fresh cannabis for use in traditional Ayurvedic medical preparations, the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine this month announced a plan to grow 4,000 kg a year of cannabis. The ministry wants to be excepted from laws that have made cannabis illegal in Sri Lanka.

"We are interested in getting some approval to grow some cannabis with government sponsorship, but there must be controls. It is under study," Asoka Malimage from the Ministry, said. Ayurveda is a traditional medical system which makes wide use of herbs and natural remedies. In Sri Lanka, ayurveda practitioners outnumber Western-trained doctors.

 Fresh cannabis fried in ghee, a form of clarified butter, is used in about 18 different traditional medicines for treating a wide variety of ailments, Malimage said. Currently, cannabis seized by the police is used. But this cannabis is old and dried out, said Dr. Dayangani Senasekara, head of the state-run Bandaranaike Memorial Ayurvedic Research Institute in Colombo. The institute is making preparations that use cannabis to treat diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.


USA/California: County allows medical marijuana cards

USA/Calafornia  -  People using marijuana for medical purposes with doctors' recommendation will be issued state-sanctioned identification cards in Kings County, the Board of Supervisors decided Tuesday. By a unanimous vote, the supervisors adopted a medical marijuana ID card program. 

The decision makes Kings County the 42nd California counties to establish the program in compliance with a 2003 state law. The program - which advises police to accept authenticated cards as proof of medical need - is intended to help legitimate patients with serious illness avoid arrest while giving police the tools to distinguish legal medical marijuana users from illegal stoners.

"I'm not the one who is open to the use of marijuana personally, but I'm the one that strongly supports this.  Our sister counties -- Fresno and Tulare counties -- have already stepped up to the plate, so it's time that we do the same," Oliveira said.  The decision comes as a result of July 31 ruling by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals that rejected the challenge by San Bernardino and San Diego counties and upheld that the medical marijuana ID system is legal.  Similar decisions are pending in several other counties.


Cannabidiol effective against psychotic symptoms in patients with Parkinson's disease in a pilot study.

Science  -  In an open pilot study at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the natural cannabis compound cannabidiol (CBD) was effective in the treatment of psychotic symptoms of patients with Parkinson's disease. Six consecutive patients (four men and two women) with the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease and who had psychosis for at least 3 months were selected for the study.

All patients received CBD in flexible doses (starting with an oral dose of 150 mg/day) for 4 weeks, in addition to their usual therapy. The psychotic symptoms showed a significant decrease under CBD treatment. CBD did not worsen the motor function. No adverse effect was observed during the treatment. Authors concluded that "these preliminary data suggest that CBD may be effective, safe and well tolerated for the treatment of the psychosis in PD."

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October 3rd 2008

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