The Netherlands: Dutch Government Wants to Ban Foreigners From Marijuana Coffee Shops

The Netherlands: Restrictions on cannabis sale

The Dutch government said on 17 November it wanted to ban tourists from buying cannabis in "coffee shops," where it is on sale legally.

The Netherlands: Dutch Government Wants to Ban Foreigners From Marijuana Coffee Shops.

The Netherlands has one of Europe's most liberal soft drug policies and its coffee shops are a popular tourist attraction, especially in Amsterdam and border cities near Belgium and Germany. The government, which took office last month, has agreed to limit the sale of cannabis to Dutch residents.

Sweden: First patient allowed to use THC (dronabinol)

Joakim Hedström is the first Swedish citizen who is allowed to use THC (dronabinol) medicinally, which was prescribed to him by a German doctor and imported by him to Sweden. On his website he states that "for the past 5 years, I have been discussing the positive experiences I have gained using cannabis medicinally to combat my ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] symtoms.

I've spoken with doctors, politicians and scientists explaining about my use; and how it helps me where the other twenty prescription drugs I've tried did not."  In June he went to Germany to visit a doctor and was prescribed dronabinol. Upon re-entry to Sweden and declaring his medicine, he was interrogated by the Swedish customs office, and later the Swedish police.

However, the charges against him due to the importation of illegal narcotics were dropped in November. The prosecutor said that, "in light of the evidence presented, I see no objective reason to press charges, or to expect a convicti on." Two days later Mr. Hedström received a package from the police containing his dronabinol.

USA: Oakland Okays Medical Marijuana Mega-Grows

The Oakland city council last week approved an application process for commercial-scale medical marijuana grow ops. That same night, the city council also approved a separate measure doubling the number of dispensaries licensed to operate in the city from four to eight. The move makes Oakland the first city in the nation to approve marijuana cultivation on such a large scale.

City council members said it was designed to take medical marijuana cultivation out of the shadows. "Oakland is a leader in this industry, and I'm hoping that this will continue to grow," said Councilman Larry Reid in remarks reported by the San Francisco Chronicle. Under the regulations approved Tuesday, applicants for the four grow licenses must undergo extensive financial background checks, provide security, and show themselves to be well-backed financially. The regulations also require that applicants pay back taxes for marijuana they have sold to Oakland dispensaries over the years, as well as interest and penalties.

USA: Cannabis record!

According to a press release by Patients Out of Time their member Irvin Rosenfeld it is now 28 years ago that he received his first cannabis cigarettes from the federal government.

The cigarettes, produced for the governm
ent at the University of Mississippi are supplied to Mr. Rosenfeld at a dosage of seven ounces (about 200 grams) every 25 days to combat his chronic illness. On 20 November 2010 Irvin smoked his 120,000th medical cannabis cigarette.

USA/California: L.A. City Council Eases Restrictions on Medical Marijuana Outlets

The City Council tweaked its medical marijuana ordinance today to ease restrictions that would have drastically reduced the number of dispensaries allowed to continue operating in Los Angeles.

Councilman Paul Koretz said that under the original ordinance, "we would have, I believe, unintentionally and erroneously disqualified some dispensaries... and these (amendments) would reinstate some that I believe would have been removed by mistake."

Europe: The German ACM is looking for partners in other European countries to realize a European Citizens' Initiative for the medical use of cannabis

The European Citizens' Initiative is one of the major innovations of the Treaty of Lisbon aiming to increase participatory democracy in the European Union (EU). The initiative enables one million EU citizens, to call dire ctly on the European Commission to bring forward an initiative of interest to them in an area of EU competence.

The practical arrangements, conditions and procedure of the citizens' initiative will be determined in a new EU regulation. The European Commission adopted a draft regulation on the citizens' initiative in March 2010, which is now negotiated with the Council and the European Parliament until the end of of 2010. The final vote in plenary will be on 13 December.

It is currently unclear whether the regulation will be citizen-friendly or not. The German Association for Cannabis as Medicine is looking for European partners to realize a European Citizens' Initiative on the medical use of cannabis once the regulations have been adopted to bring the issue on the European level. The draft currently says that a certain number of citizens (a quorum) in at least nine countries of the European Union has to support an initiative to make it successful. Please contact the ACM at:

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November 22nd 2010

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