Dutch Passion Success in South America and Cannabis Cup victories in Peru

Dutch Passion Success in South America and Cannabis Cup victories in Peru

At the first ‘Copa Del Sol’ Cannabis Cup in Lima, Peru, Dutch Passion won 1st Prize in the Outdoor category with Passion Fruit and 2nd Prize in the Indoor category with White Widow. Thanks go to ‘DJK Lord’ who grew the winning samples. This was an important landmark event in Peru for the cannabis community and the first cannabis cup competition ever to be held there.

Cannabis in Peru

Cannabis was legalized for medical purposes in 2017 in Peru, and although it is technically illegal to use recreationally the police don’t prosecute people for possession of under 8 grams, which is considered the limit for personal consumption. Peru enjoys a relatively relaxed cannabis regime, South America, in general, has seen cannabis laws improve in recent years. Small-scale home cultivation is quite common in Peru. Many recreational and medical growers cultivate a few plants for their own use.

Cannabis Cup victory for Passion Fruit

Copa del Sol Passion FruitPassion Fruit is a notably sweet tasting Indica/Sativa hybrid feminized photoperiod seed with an exceptionally rich fruity taste. Winning 1st Prize in the outdoor category is quite an achievement in Peru; outdoor growers are competitive and take great pride in their plant cultivation. Some of the Peruvian growers have been growing outdoors for decades, the tropical sunny conditions are great for cannabis growing.

Passion Fruit,  one of our strongest strains

The Passion Fruit genetics came from a special heavy yielding, THC rich Sweet Pink Grapefruit which was hybridised with original Orange Bud. It’s a very strong, fast hitting variety with a potent euphoric high which lasts and lasts! Yields are unusually heavy, the buds are green with a silvery coating of resin. Indoors she takes around 8 weeks to bloom. Outdoors in sunny climates, she is ready around the start of October in the northern hemisphere or early April for growers in the Southern hemisphere. Passion Fruit loves a greenhouse, which protects the plant from the worst of the weather and really allows bud development to race ahead.

Another Cannabis Cup success for White Widow

White Widow
 won 2nd Prize in the Indoor Category at the Peru Copa Del Sol. White Widow is one of the most reliable varieties for indoor growers. It’s often described as one of the strongest varieties you can grow, consistently good and easy to grow in soil, hydro or coco. Yields are also above average, but most of the Dutch Passion repeat growers prefer White Widow for the predictable connoisseur quality smoke/vape experience. The buds are coated with a white resin coating which gives the variety her name, the high lasts a long time. White Widow has been a legendary feminized seed variety for many years. Dutch Passion like to think that their version of White Widow is one of the best available, and it is quite an honor for the Dutch Passion team to see the White Widow genetics continuing to receive awards against some strong competition.

First anniversary for our Chile store

Dutch Passion customers in Chile are celebrating the first anniversary of the Dutch Passion retail store. The full collection of Dutch Passion seeds are sold there, it has been a great way to meet growers in Chile and be part of the rapidly expanding cannabis community in South America.

Two team member at Dutch Passion store in Chile


Dutch Passion are present at several South American cannabis events

Dutch Passion also helped promote a cannabis expo in Antofagasta in Northern Chile recently. Some of our Argentinean cannabis growing contacts also attended the Argentina Copa De Plata event, although Dutch Passion were not official sponsors. Dutch Passion will continue to be present at Chile’s ExpoWeed fair each year, and will also be present at Colombia’s ExpoMedeWeed. We will also be present at the Chile ‘Copa De Los Andes Copa Cannabis event as a sponsor. The cannabis community on South America has never had as many gatherings and events to attend!

Dutch Passion in partnership with MYM Nutraceuticals in Colombia

As mentioned in a previous blog, Dutch Passion are pleased to have partnered with Canadian Cannabis group MYM for a licensed cannabis production facility in Colombia. Dutch Passion genetics will be used for licensed medical cannabis production. The two year agreement gives MYM the rights to produce and distribute medical cannabis products, as well as cannabis seeds produced from Dutch Passion genetics, in Colombia (and also in Australia at the Northern Rivers Project in New South Wales)

Success and expansion for Dutch Passion in South America

South America is becoming an important area for Dutch Passion. The first anniversary of the Dutch Passion retail store in Chile has allowed some important connections to the cannabis community. And the wave of improved laws and tolerance for cannabis across South America is making life better for all cannabis consumers. The Cannabis Cup in Peru is an important foundation which has brought together growers from all parts of Peru for the first time. And for Dutch Passion, the chance to partner with MYM at a licensed production facility in Colombia was another great South American opportunity. It all starts with great cannabis seed genetics, get your seeds here.

Dutch Passion Success in South America and Cannabis Cup victories in Peru
August 16th 2018
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