Solar System 550. 400W programmable LED grow light sold by Crazy LEDs & More

Solar System 550.  400W programmable LED grow light sold by Crazy LEDs & More


The California Lightworks SS550 LED grow light has a 400W power draw and replaces a 600W HPS grow light. It will be sold by Crazy LEDs & More, and comes with an e-voucher for €75 of Dutch Passion cannabis seeds.

It uses high-end Osram LED’s and a proven, simple design that has been used for many years by California Lightworks. Best of all the SS550 LED grow light comes with an optional programmable controller which allows you to adjust the power from 0–100%. The controller also allows you to adjust the red, blue and white LEDs separately.

Without the controller the red, blue and white LEDs are automatically set to 100%. The controller also allows you to create daily or weekly schedules with your own precise power settings and red/blue colour settings.

The programmable controller is highly recommended, allowing you to use a blue dominant spectrum for the early life of a seedling in veg growth. As the plants mature you can switch to a powerful red dominant spectrum for bloom. And you have white light as a viewing mode for your plants. The white light viewing mode is particularly welcome to growers, especially those who have been used to viewing their plants in pink LED light or yellow HPS light.

The SS550 replaces a 600W HPS, using just 400W of power draw. The SS550 produces less heat in your grow room than an HPS, and doesn't waste any energy producing less useful orange/yellow wavelengths. California Lightworks have used high-quality Osram LEDs for several years, they manufacture everything in their headquarters just outside LA. This is a top quality USA-built LED growlight.

The Dutch Passion team have been to LA to meet the California Lightworks team, seen their factory , and they have been to Europe to meet the Dutch Passion team. Their grow lights have been used for many years by traditional fruit and veg growers as well as being fully proven by cannabis growers in the booming USA legal cannabis market. The design, manufacturing and back-up is fully established and we are happy to work with such a high quality established grow light supplier. A long successful history producing premium quality grow lights for the legal US cannabis industry is a perfect reason to choose grow lights from California Lightworks.

3 year guarantee

California Lightworks buy their Osram LEDs, and other components, locally from Silicon Valley. The metal core circuit board is attached to a generously sized aluminium heat sink. This design is a fully proven one which California Lightworks have used for many years. On top of the heat sink are two fans to help with cooling. The grow lights come with a no-quibble 3-year guarantee. And with a minimum 50,000 hour lifetime on the LED’s you should get many years of trouble free use. And even after 50,000 hours the LED’s are unlikely to fail, they will have simply lost 10-20% of their initial brightness and should continue to deliver excellent results for years even after their initial guarantee period.

Seed e-voucher

The SS550 is supplied with an e-voucher for use on the Dutch Passion website. The e-voucher will credit your Dutch Passion shopping cart with €75 for you to spend on premium quality seeds. Now you have another unique reason to treat yourself to a top quality SS550 controllable LED grow light.

IPX65 water resistant and rugged design

The SS550 has a sealed case with an IPX65 rating, meaning its safe to use in a humid environment and will resist direct water spray for short periods of time (although this is clearly not recommended). It is supplied with two standard hanging brackets. The fans are rated for 50,000 hours and are user replaceable.

Adjustable spectrum & adjustable power.

The SS550 LED growlight replaces a 600W HPS, a metal halide veg light and a T5 Fluorescent. And because the SS550 has adjustable power and spectrum, the SS550 actually does a better job than all the old fashioned originals. The programmable hand controller allows you to increase power and adjust spectrum as the plants get larger and create optimised cannabis lighting conditions.

Connect a room full of SS550 grow lights together

You can connect and control several SS550 lights from a single controller. Each SS550 has its own power cable, and uses standard telephone communication cables (supplied) to link communications between the multiple SS550 lights. This allows you to take full control of the entire grow room lighting. Intensity of the lights can be increased or decreased. The light spectrum on all the connected SS550’s can also be simultaneously adjusted. And the whole grow room can be instantly switched to white light viewing mode. You will soon wonder how you managed without your SS550.

SS550 Programmable Controller

The programmable controller sets the SS550 apart from many other grow lights. Without it your SS550 will still work well at full power settings. But adding a programmable controller opens up a new world of digital possibilities:

  • Sunrise sunset options

Some botanists feel that cannabis plants struggle to adjust instantly from darkness to full light power. Instead they feel a gradual sunrise/sunset is more natural and less stressful to the plant. The SS550 can allow gradually ramp up your light power over a user defined time period, e.g. 15 minutes. And it can do the same at the end of the day and gradually ramp down the light intensity.

  • Adjust the power

Why use your grow light at full power for small seedlings and young cannabis plants? And why buy separate fluorescent or Metal-Halide lights for your young plants when the SS550 can do it all? The SS550 can be set at e.g. 10% power to grow your seedlings - minimising running costs. And as your plants need more light you can gradually increase power and increase red spectrum as required during bloom. When the plants are ready for it you can increase the light to 100% power, unleashing all 400W of high quality Osram LED on your plants.

  • Customise weekly grow patterns

With your SS550 you can optimise the light in your grow room. You can have dedicated programs for each week of growth if you wish. And your controller stores each program with its own name, for example ‘Veg week 1’ , ‘Veg week 2’ etc. Your controller can store dozens of programs. The programs can be individually tailored so that your plants get the perfect amount of light for their specific stage of growth as well as the right spectrum. Learn and play as your plants develop, the more experienced growers will particularly enjoy the ability to create optimised weekly programs for their auto flowers. Week 1 would be low power blue and white lights with perhaps a small amount of red. And with each progressing week the power could be increased, and the red spectrum progressively increased. Full power might be reached around week 6.

  • Manual mode.

Of course you don't have to bother with weekly programs for your plants. You can just use the SS550 in manual mode and increase the power when you feel the plants need it. Or you can run the SS550 with no controller and just use it at 100% energy at all times.

  • Control the internode distance

If your cannabis plants are looking too small you can encourage stretch by increasing the amount of red light and decreasing blue. That will allow more stretch, creating a larger plant structure which can allow larger harvests and better utilisation of space in your grow room. If your sativa cannabis plant is stretching too much, you can reduce the red spectrum and increase blue content to diminish the stretch. With an SS550 in your grow room you have full digital control. It makes HPS technology look desperately old fashioned. If home growing is your real passion then you need an SS550 from Crazy LEDs.

SS550 LED spectrum.

Over many years, California Lightworks have developed and refined a proven colour spectrum which blends several LED light wavelengths essential for optimised indoor cannabis growing.

California Lightworks have partnered with Osram for the LED supply. Some of the LEDs used in the SS550 are up to 56% efficient, meaning that 56% of electricity is converted directly into light. Using the latest high efficiency LED chips means that the SS550 produces very little heat compared to other lower quality LED grow lights. Osram are a proven technology leader, the latest LEDs used in the SS550 are over double the efficiency of lower cost LEDs. Cheap LED grow lights still use these lower efficiency, lower quality LEDs to keep costs low. Using low quality, low efficiency LEDs is a cheap way to build a lower quality growlight and still claim a high power draw. Don’t be fooled - if you are buying a grow light make sure you get one with the best quality components and design specification.

The SS550 delivers a proven spectrum that you can rely on, delivered from some of the best quality, brightest LEDs currently available.

Deep Red. Accounting for over half the LED’s in the SS550. Essential to maximise the growth during bloom. Deep Red is the most readily absorbed light and is where the plant gets most of its energy for growth. The Deep-Red LEDs convert 50% of the incoming electrical energy directly into Deep Red light.

Red. Essential for growth especially during bloom, however red light is not used in quite the same quantities as the deep-red.

Blue. Blue wavelengths encourage vegetative growth and are essential for seedlings and young plants during the vegetative stage of their growth cycle. A strong blue presence during bloom, combined with reduced red spectrum helps minimize stretching. Blue light also stimulates the production of secondary pigments which can enhance colors and is known to also stimulate terpene production. Terpenes help give deep and rich aromas to your crops.

Deep Blue. The powerful deep-blue LED’s are 56% efficient, converting 56% of electricity directly into light. The deep-blue, in combination with traditional blue LED light is used in both vegetive and bloom phases. Different LED wavelengths of blue light are required for optimal growth and absorption by chlorophyll and other plant pigments, especially during early vegetive growth when the stem, branches and roots are emerging. Blue light is also important in bloom and is strongly absorbed by the chlorophyll A & B pigments, as well as other plant pigments.

White. The cool-white Osram LED’s deliver a dual benefit in the SS550:

The first benefit is an intense canopy-penetrating cool white light which allows superior development and growth. The effect of cool white LED light on overall plant development and health has been one of the most notable grow-light observations in recent years, and now several LED companies have started to implement their use. Combining Blue and White LED’s during veg plant growth produces particularly good and fast growth with the SS550.

The second benefit of intense cool white light is to allow the unique ‘natural light’ plant viewing mode. This is a feature that customers have good reasons to demand, especially professional legal cannabis growers, it allows easy plant inspection and early identification of any health/nutritional problems. Once you have seen the professional white light viewing mode you definitely will not want to go back to the bad old days of inspecting your plants under yellow HPS or purple LED light. The white light viewing mode also allows you to de-clutter your grow room and remove any fluorescent lights that were used for plant inspection. Anyone with a cannabis grow room will love the white light viewing mode and wonder how they managed without it.

Recommended spectrum.

Autoflowering plants. For the first 3-4 weeks of typically vegetive growth use blue and white. Mix in an increasing amount of red as the plants get larger. By 4-5 weeks the plants should be getting plenty of red light. After 5 weeks try getting the plants under full power red, blue and white LED light.

Photoperiod plants. Plants respond well to Blue and White LED light during vegetive growth. Slowly increase power as plants get larger, and introduce a little red light which will encourage internodal stretching. During bloom, plants need lots of red light. After a month of bloom the maximum power settings can be used for all LED colours.

SS550 Video collection.

Design and build of the SS550 From the heat sink to the circuitboards. All made in California.

How to use your programmable controller

Solar System 550.  400W programmable LED grow light sold by Crazy LEDs & More
July 29th 2016
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2017-05-17 16:17:56

JASA - 16th May 2017. Its designed to cover an area of 1.2 x 1.2m


2017-05-16 15:12:06

How big or an area was this built for?


2016-08-16 13:06:38

I started growing some auto mazar, auto berry bomb and auto blue cheese in my garden as has been a good Summer in UK. Have to say they have now been growing for 2 months and look nothing like the fantastic pics you are posting. Am new to all this and not sure what to do next, but not enough buds yet? I think they wld have been better indoors but seriously do not know what equipment to buy and would love some advice. I also would like the price of this super duer light pls? Thank you so much. Deb


2016-08-14 08:38:20

TDam, we just mailed you the light coverage data so you can see for yourself


2016-08-14 08:36:41

Michael T. 13th August :-) We don't have the light intensity data for the metal halide. But comparative work vs a 600HPS shows that the 400W SS550 is (slightly more than) a match for the HPS.


2016-08-14 08:36:17

Michael T. 13th August :-) We don't have the light intensity data for the metal halide. But comparative work vs a 600HPS shows that the 400W SS550 is (slightly more than) a match for the HPS.


2016-08-13 09:07:44

@ tdam they say in the clw videos in the links if you watch through them


2016-08-13 01:34:52

hi so does this have the power of 600 hps 600 metal hallide running at the same time plz reply thanks


2016-08-10 20:54:38

I wounder how many square metres/feets 1 of the units covers? Im a legal grower but i had some heat struggeling in the summers. Best regards / Tdam