Romania. The new member of Europe's legal cannabis club

Romania.  The new member of Europe's legal cannabis club


Romania.  Following convincing arguments from the medical-marijuana lobbyists in Romania, they now become the 10th state in the European Union to have legalized cannabis for medical usage.  The other legal states in Europe's largest medical cannabis club are Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, France, Czech Republic, and Spain.  This new law means that Romanian citizens can now use cannabis to either complement prescription drugs, or to replace them completely.  Anecdotal information from Romania indicates that the medical use of pot has been widespread for many years, and in many of the smaller less wealthy rural areas pot has been the most affordable and versatile natural, organic medicine.  A few quality outdoor cannabis in the orchard is often enough for the local elders to enjoy year-round pain relief for free.  Now it is also legal.

It is worth noting that GW Pharmaceuticals 'Sativex' oral-spray product is a whole plant extract of cannabis and this is legal (though prohibitively expensive for many)  in countries such as the UK and Scandinavia where herbal cannabis itself still remains illegal.  So it is curious that pharmaceutically produced extracts and concentrates are legal..... yet naturally, organically grown cannabis remains illegal. 

However, as more and more European states legalize cannabis for medicinal use it increases the pressure on non-legal states to review their own laws.  For those EU states that still lack legal cannabis the latest news from Romania is an encouraging sign of things to come.  Dutch Passion continues to send their support to European activists keen to see legal recreational and medical cannabis across the whole of the EU.

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Romania.  The new member of Europe's legal cannabis club
October 8th 2013

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t rogers

2018-08-06 14:31:22

terminal cancer patient who hates legal oipioid drugs pushed by big pharma. IN MASSIVE PAIN.

Cannabis Club Romania

2015-06-16 19:51:54

This is unfortunately not true. In Romania its very illegal still and even though it was legalized for medical use, they wouldn't even know how to put it in practice.