Puerto Rico legalizes medical cannabis

Puerto Rico legalizes medical cannabis


Despite a wave of cannabis legalisation across the caribbean and North America in the last 2 years, not many people expected the surprise decision from Puerto Rico to legalize medical cannabis.  In the absence of a ballot initiative in Puerto Rico and the inability of the politicians to pass the necessary legislation, few people thought Puerto Rico would be next to legalize medical cannabis.  However Governor Garcia was able to bypass the normal lengthy political process simply by signing an Executive Order.  The Health Secretary now has 3 months to figure out the details.  Many observers think that Puerto Rico, like other Caribbean and South American leaders,  believe that the prohibition of cannabis only helps organised crime to enjoy tax-free revenues.  The decision by Governor Garcia shows the growing political impatience with the failed war on drugs, it also demonstrates the growing political courage when it comes to legalisation of medical cannabis.  

More news on this is here:
Puerto Rico legalizes medical cannabis
May 6th 2015

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Pete Wilkinson

2015-05-19 23:10:51

Great article