Mexico. Weed legalization in Mexico City is on the way

Mexico.  Weed legalization in Mexico City is on the way

Mexico.  The Mexico City Federal District city council together with the government of Mayor Miguel Mancera have set the Mexican cannabis debate alight with their announcment that they will start talks in September to consider the legalization of cannabis on the grounds of health, economic, medical  and security grounds.  If approved it is expected that cannabis will be legalized for Mexico City before the end of 2013.  When that happens it is likely that legalization will soon follow across the whole of Mexico.

Mexican officials have, until now, been sensitive to the fact that they don't want to upset too many people in the international politicial community by legalizing drugs.  On the other hand they have seen the USA legalize pot at state level.  And very soon they will see Uruguay fully legalize and start a state-run pot growing empire.  So the emerging political concensus from Mexico is that they too can start implementing drug laws which improve Mexican society.  Current laws only serve the criminal interested of the black market who depend on drug illegality and this causes thousands of gang/drug deaths each year in Mexico. Something which wont change until the laws are changed.

Many interpret the talks as a sure sign that Mexico intends a radical shift in the legal culture towards drugs, though they will be politically sensitive enough to ensure that the changes are deemed to have been implemented for the right reasons.  One of the proposals is to use the popular concept of cannabis social clubs, profit-free clubs that produce enough pot for the needs of their own members who must all be responsible adult recreational or medical users.


The full story is here, and is recommended reading with some interesting quotes

Mexico.  Weed legalization in Mexico City is on the way
August 7th 2013

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