Mambo Cannabis Social Club Formed In Belgium

Mambo Cannabis Social Club Formed In Belgium

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Belgium gets a NEW cannabis social club!

In April 2013 the Mambo Cannabis Social Club was created as Belgium’s fast moving legal cannabis scene starts to gather some real momentum.   The ‘Mambo’ club was created from the already established ‘Trekt Uw Plant’ (“Pull your plant”) cannabis social club.  The original ‘Trekt Uw Plant’ club has well over 200 members now and continues to grow.   The Mambo Cannabis Social Club is open to adults living in Belgium who are recreational or medical cannabis users.

Under Belgian law, growers are allowed one plant per person, and the social clubs make it possible for members to combine their numbers and allow professionally organised cultivation of the plants for all members.  Top grade cannabis is grown organically and shared among the members.  It is a successful way of sharing costs and benefits.  But the Mambo Cannabis Social Club are taking things one stage further, they are hoping to own their own club house where members of the social club can meet to share their collective stash and allow a real community spirit to build among the members.

Dutch Passion are pleased to support the Mambo Social Club and will be providing them with some seeds for their 2013 crop.  We are also pleased to see the Cannabis Social Club becoming a sensible and responsible European model which allows cannabis lovers to grow and share their cannabis away from the criminal drugs scene.  As cannabis laws relax across Europe we hope and expect to see the cannabis social club 'model' used across the continent

Mambo Cannabis Social Club Formed In Belgium
May 7th 2013

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