Jamaica. We will not be left behind in the race for legal ganja

Jamaica.  We will not be left behind in the race for legal ganja

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Jamaican political leaders are keener than ever that Jamaica will play its part in the world of legal ganja.  The issue has been a hot topic for Jamaicas politicians for several years.  Cannabis, or 'ganja' as it is locally known, has long been an important part of Jamaican culture where it is used extensively for medical, recreational and spiritual purposes.  In recent years, Jamaican society has pursued a system of punishment against those caught using cannabis.  This has created a lot of division between the police and young (and old) Jamaican cannabis users.  Jamaica's loyal adherence to cannabis prohibition has been questioned at all levels in Jamacian society, especially now that so many other neighbouring countries are exploring the numerous benefits of legalization.

The most recent commitment to legal ganja was given to the Cannabis Commercial and Medicinal Research Taskforce (CCMRT) by Leader of Government Business in the House of Representatives Phillip Paulwell.  The commitment came to light following reports from one of the main taskforce leaders, Delano Seiveright.

In a recent statement, Seiveright claimed that Paulwell (who is also the minister of science, technology, energy and mining), told members of the taskforce at a meeting last Thursday that “ganja will be decriminalised in Jamaica this year and emphasised that Jamaica cannot be allowed to be left behind on the issue”.

Good luck to Jamaica cannabis lovers.  Hopefully they will be enjoying legal ganja later this year.  And if the Jamaican Government has their way there should be plenty of commercial opportunities for the future legal Jamaican cannabis industry

The full story is here from the Jamaican Observer   http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Ganja-green-light-this-year?

Jamaica.  We will not be left behind in the race for legal ganja
February 26th 2014

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