Jamaica. It's time to join the race for medical ganja

Jamaica.  It's time to join the race for medical ganja

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Jamaica.  Jamaican scientist Henry Lowe is a researcher specializing in medical biochemistry who is keen to see Jamaica benefit financially from the worldwide trend towards medical marijuana.  Lowe is chairman of an institute that develops therapeutic and cosmetic products from various plants in Jamaica, his new venture is called Medicanja. The focus is to isolate medicinal compounds in the cannabis plant and use them for beneficial purposes.  There are 80+ cannabinoids in cannabis, these are the active ingredients in the cannabis plant.  Mainstream medicine has largely ignored the medicinal value of these cannabinoids due to the prohibition of cannabis which is now slowly being lifted.

The USA and Israel have been leading the way in medical marijuana research but Henry Lowe is determined that Jamaica takes a slice of the action.  As previously reported in Dutch Passion News, the Jamaican people are growing tired of maintaining a 'hard line' against cannabis simply to gain favour with the USA.  Ever since the USA states of Colorado and Washington legalized cannabis, other countries have questioned whether cannabis prohibition is worthwhile.  Dutch Passion wish Henry Lowe and his team good luck with their venture.  Instead of handing out criminal records to Jamaicans using cannabis perhaps they will be handing out research grants in future.

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Jamaica.  It's time to join the race for medical ganja
December 6th 2013

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