Italy. New study shows CBD anti-tumour properties

Italy. New study shows CBD anti-tumour properties

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Medical marijuana activists will be interested to see the latest medical study published in the National Institue of Health has once again confirmed that cannabidiol (CBD) is effective at inhibiting tumour cells using lab studies in-vitro.  In-vitro means that the results were seen on lab experiments using test-tubes rather than using mammals.

What is particularly interesting about the study is that is was part funded by GW Pharmaceuticals, who are the team behind the legal cannabis extract 'Sativex'.  This indicates that mainstream pharmaceutical industries are showing a firm interest in the research of cannabis uses in anti-cancer treatments.  This study will be considered as money wisely spent by GW Pharmaceuticals, since the research has shown very promising results.  The academic study points out that "This work was supported by a grant from University of Milan-F.I.R.S.T 2008. GW Pharmaceuticals funded part of the research. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript"

The concluding paragraph is also interesting, indicating that CBD prevents the invasive proliferation of certain types of cancer cells, including the THC-resistant (T98G glioma) cells.  The inference here is that a combination of THC and CBD may offer the best protection.

The study, unfortunately, is full of medical jargon which needs an expert to fully interpret, and the report is here

Dutch Passion expect to see significant further mainstream studies in the coming years and we will keep our readers informed with developments



Italy. New study shows CBD anti-tumour properties
November 14th 2013

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