Isis update, free seed promo extended

free Isis 3-pack with all website orders over €50 is extended to include the first week of August

Wow, what a great response we have had to the Isis seed freebie promotion! We are pleased to see our Isis seed promotion has been so popular, thanks for the e-mails ( and feedback. We have also had numerous mails and calls asking us to extend the promotion by an extra week to allow people to get back from July holidays and place their orders. OK, we have done just that, Dutch Passions offer of 3 free Isis seeds with all July website orders of €50 or over has now been extended through to the first week of August. Please do get your orders in as soon as possible as we simply can’t keep this offer open forever.

For those of you that have ordered for the first time via our website we hope you have been pleased with the simplicity and security of the process. After 25 years in business we still put customer satisfaction and security as our number 1 goal.

We have also seen a lot of people order Isis 5-packs and 10-packs since we started the promotion, in fact sales for Isis seeds are running at twice the levels seen last year. Obviously there are a lot of people out there that have enjoyed smoking Isis and have decided that now is the time to try growing it. Well, we can guarantee that Isis will not let you down. It is a real beauty of a strain, both the visual appearance of the mature female plants with their striking main cola and also in the stunning quality smoke, and I really do mean stunning. This is one of those strains where the mature plants will need support due to the weight of the buds produced. This is a strain you will want to grow again and again

Some of our regular customers have given us great feedback on this strain. We appreciate the response to the decision to make a freebie promotion using one of our really ‘premium’ strains.

Thank you for reading our blog – it has allowed us to keep in better contact with our customers and hear your views. Keep the mail coming in, you always make our day with that! And keep looking out for other special offers which we will announce here first.

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July 29th 2011

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2014-11-23 03:17:27

Hi. I have always loved all your genetics and my most favorite Strain from my earlier days of consuming cannabis was this beautifully grown Isis. Now that I am able to I would love to find a way to get this Amazing strain and put it in one of my gardens. Let me know how we can make this happen. Thanks again for all your hard work creating and maintaining these awesome genetics. If you guys have Instagram check nuthin_but_nectar_farms Thanks again for your time