Guatemala. The second country to legalise cannabis?

Guatemala.  The second country to legalise cannabis?

Will Guatemala follow Uruguay and become second South American country with legal cannabis?

President Molina of Guatemala made the headlines when he told Reuters news agency that he is thinking about following Uruguay and legalizing cannabis. Guatemala is one of a growing number of South American states which feel that the war-on-drugs is a battle that was lost many years ago.  Many South American nations have been left scarred in their efforts to reduce the flow of drugs into the USA, the capital of world drug consumption, even though there is little that the USA can do to curb it’s own domestic demand.  

President Molina feels that the time has come for Guatemala to take matters into their own hands and legalize cannabis to remove all aspects of criminal involvement - which is exactly what has happened in Uruguay, and Colorado & Washington states from USA.  Controversially, President Molina is also thinking about legalising opium/heroin as well.  If that happened it really would be an important political talking point.  Many police officials and politicians privately admit that legalizing cannabis is the best way to tax and regulate it, as well as the best way to stop it funding criminal gangs.  But what will they think about legalizing hard drugs?  Although Opium is traditionally considered as a drug of asia origin the Opium poppy grows well in South America and has become big business for the cartels.

The next few months will be important for Guatemala, and if they do press ahead with their plans to legalize cannabis and heroin it will be headline news promoting further discussion about the changing face of the ‘war on drugs’.

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Guatemala.  The second country to legalise cannabis?
April 8th 2014

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